Review: T2 Art Girls - Ojousama no Itazura: Yae Shoubi 1/6 Complete Figure by Skytube

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This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.
Tony, I love your illustrations, but your girls are always such teases! And today's figure of good-girl-playing-bad Yae Shoubi doesn't do anything to remedy that. In a way, I'm glad to see Tony stick to what he does best!

T2 Art Girls - Ojousama no Itazura: Yae Shoubi 1/6 Complete Figure [Skytube]

The character's wide-open pose calls for more oblong photographs than usual, so I recommend that you click to enlarge as you read along.

Just to avoid any confusion, she comes in a state of undress! I didn't pull any funny business, honest. While most figures opt for a bit of titillation along the hem line, this one pulls out all the stops with a full-blown panty shot from the get go.

The flowers in her long black hair create an air of purity while her body in full-bloom under the sailor suit suggests exactly the opposite. The gentle pastel color scheme, from the sea foam blouse to the bubblegum pink panties and snow white socks, is capped on both ends with black loafers and raven locks.

The texture of the fabric is really something else. It's no easy task to create the slack feel of her satin collar with PVC. And the wrinkles in her blouse as she turns her body towards you are as strong as her come-hither stare.

Don't get me started on the backside. Her hair spools down into dark rivulets frozen in mid-stream. With the way her hair is tousled outward, it's easy to imagine that this is the very instant that she slinked down onto her side to beckon you.

Supporting herself with her right arm, our heroine willingly leaves herself open while her left arm is held close in a halfhearted show of trepidation. But with the way her back is arched to emphasize the curves of her chest, it's obvious that this coy co-ed knows exactly what she's doing.

Following her gaze would put the recipient of those bedtime eyes at right about this angle. Where things escalate from her is up to your imagination!

I know, this review has been one long tease. Here's one last titillating tidbit: The figure is completely cast-off enabled! I'll allow that one to sink in as I bid you adieu...

T2 Art Girls - Ojousama no Itazura: Yae Shoubi 1/6 Complete Figure [Skytube]
*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.