Infinite Stratos Exhibit in Akihabara

Infinite Stratos is a series that we hope goes on forever! The Animate in Akihabara held an IS exhibit from December 21st to January 5th to commemorate the Blu-ray/DVD release of Season 2 volume 2. We apologize for not posting while it was running, but better late than never!

We were greeted by life-size standees of IS pilots from around the world. The girls were all shorter than I would have imagined. In particular, it looked like I could fit Laura Bodewig under my arm and carry her off. If only there wasn't so many people around...

The center of the exhibit was lined with stills from the Season 2 opening and insert illustrations from the light novels. CHOCO’s works belong in a museum of modern moe and mecha art!

Exhibits such as this always have a guestbook for fans to leave illustrations and lay claim to their waifu. Cecilia was in high demand, but IS Academy has more than enough coeds to go around. 

The display case in the back housed scripts that were used during actual recording sessions. Check out the cast autographs on the right side! 

At the end we exited through the gift shop. For each 1000 yen spent, you got a bromide of your choice from a set of ten--just a little something to tide us over while we wait for the OVA!