Review: BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Hanayo Koizumi and Rin Hoshizora 1/10 Complete Figure by WAVE

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This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure reviews!
The smorgasbord of Love Live! BEACH QUEENS continues with wall flower and the tomboy. Let's dig in!

BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Hanayo Koizumi 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

Hanayo's shy personality is reflected in her modest choice of swimwear. This little getup may be less revealing than her stage outfit. Bashful to a fault! But that's what makes you want to cheer her on.

Hanayo Koizumi 02.jpg

Upon closer inspection, you have to wonder why she isn't more confident in her femininity. Imagine what would happen if her white top got splashed with a little sea foam. You don't have to show skin to be sexy!

The way her eyebrows look slightly perplexed is so in character! It's nice to see her violet eyes without the glasses from time to time--not that I mind a girl in glasses. Cute as a bow, and tied off with a ribbon to boot!

The wide-open shoulders allows for the slope of her bust to glide out from the frilly top. Notice how those blue stripes are rolling up and down like gnarly waves. Surf's up!

You can pick Hanayo out of a crowd even from the back thanks to the slight weave in her hair. The realistic knot on her neck and the ribbon on her back are just as detailed as the frills on her bottoms.

Come sunset Hanayo practically transforms into a different girl! All the modesty in the world can't hide a body line like that.

BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Rin Hoshizora 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

Rin looks as energetic as ever! Imagine the record-breaking times she gets with that streamlined swim suit. Wait a minute, or we at the beach or a swim meet?

The triangle of fabric on the chest proves that this swimsuit is more for work than play. Rin never lets up, does she? Her top is also doing its best to hide her chest, but it's juuuuust loose enough in the middle to allow for a sweet peek.

Take a good, long look at her sides and you get a feel for how far she's trying to bend back. Rin's still a first year student so she has some growing left to do. I can't wait to see how things develop in Season 2!

If simple is best, then these spartan bottoms are the best thing ever. You can practically hear the clap of the fabric as it snaps into place. They're so tight I bet that her butt is waterproof.

Nothing like a little mood light to bring out the hidden details. It's fitting that the hardest working girl in Muse has the hardest body--with the softest smile. Those abs are tighter than a volleyball net!

With nine unique girls it's difficult to single out just one member of Muse as my favorite. I mean, I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. They're all special in their own way—guess I have to cheer for all of them!

BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Hanayo Koizumi 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]
BEACH QUEENS - Love Live!: Rin Hoshizora 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

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