News Roundup for December 26th

Kantai Collection Scale Figure Sets Sail

Shimakaze may be the fastest destroyer in the KanColle fleet with a top speed of 40 knots, but her 1/8 scale figure by AMAKUNI can't get here fast enough! Hobby Japan just started taking reservations for a tentative July or August release. She comes with a torpedo launcher and three adorable rapid-fire cannons that can be equipped on her back and forearm. But all her heavy armament pales in comparison to the destructive power of that absolute territory!

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Make Levi Your Plaything

Levi's sculpted features make him as beautiful as a doll, so it’s only fitting that DOLK would give us a ball jointed doll to have and to hold. Standing at a whopping 60cm--not much shorter than Levi himself--the doll features insane detail, including real leather belts, exchangeable blades and a set of 3D maneuver gear so complicated you'll need instructions to put it together.

Orders for this limited-run item opened yesterday so act fast if you want a Levi of your very own.

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Fantasy Reunion of BONES and Scrapped Princess Director 

The silver-haired Chaika travels across the conflict-torn continent, shouldering a giant coffin that houses a magic-infused sniper rifle that's taller than she is. She's joined by Vijmennd Toru Acura, a NEET soldier out of work since the war ended, and Akari, his adopted sister and breadwinner for the group.

Hitsugi no Chaika (Chaika the Coffin Princess) is a fantasy light novel series by Ichiro Sakaki that started in 2010. It'll finally be getting an anime adaptation next April courtesy of BONES with director Soichi Masui. The two worked together in the past on Scrapped Princess, another title written by Sakaki. It's been a while since we got a straight fantasy show not set in a computer game so consider me excited!

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New Visuals for 10th Anniversary Pretty Cure Series

The current season of Pretty Cure, Doki! Doki! Pretty Cure will be replaced by Happiness Charge Pretty Cure next February and Toei has already revealed the new character designs. Which one is your favorite? My vote goes for Cure Fortune, but I do have a disposition for purple hair… 

The  MacGuffin for Happiness Charge Pretty Cure will be PreCards, magical cards that allow the girls to transform when placed into their PreChan Mirror. Once all the cards are collected, they will grant a single wish--obviously the villains want them just as bad as the heroines! This season's themes are fashion, dance and desserts, all things that I plan to enjoy well into my adult life.

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Aoi Yuki Paints the Planet White

Love Live! doesn't have a monopoly on cute voice actresses that can also sing and dance, you know. Aoi Yuki, famous for her role as Madoka Kaname in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, just released a short version of the music video for her upcoming single Bijumenia.

The song will be the ending theme for next season's TV anime World Conquest Zvezda Plot and is Aoi's first solo track forming a unit with fellow voice actress Ayana Taketatsu. What do you think, does her voice and smile have what it takes to conquer the world?

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