Yamato Girls Collection - Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Melda Deitz (Pilot Suit Ver.) by Megahouse

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Melda is the fifth member of the Yamato Girls Collection but the first Gamilas! This ace pilot can navigate the cold depths of space but melts at the sight of an ice cream parfait. Hope you don't mind sharing a spoon baby 'cuz I'm diggin' in!

Yamato Girls Collection - Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Melda Deitz (Pilot Suit Ver.) [Megahouse]

There's something to be said about shiny metallic skin suits. But save your words for that bewitching pose with both her bust and rump pointing right at us!

They certainly don't make pilot suits like this on earth--or women with the proportions to fill them, for that matter! The skin-tight number serves as a reminder that the Gamilas have different colored skin. Though the aho-ge on her head is even more alien...

The lines of the figure certainly draw your eyes towards her prim posterior. You can tell where the sculptor spend most of his time! You don't have to be a warp drive physicist to appreciate the butt cleavage Melda has going on. Ever see a derriere with a dimple before?

The view from the front ain't too shabby either. The organic design of her suit is definitely alien, in particular the outer jacket that zips down to expose another layer of material beneath. The architect has created something truly awe-inspiring.

Though if anything deserves to be worshiped, its these two celestial objects! The paint job appears bland at first, but expose it to the right frequency of light particles and BAM! I think we've stumbled across something more extraordinary than the Higgs boson. These mysterious spheres seem to possess their own gravity field that defies our natural laws.

Let's dock on the dark side of the moon. Her subtle scapula and taught back muscles are enough to make me stiffen out my own posture. The details on this figure run from her head to fingertips and everything they touch. 

Her face and both hands can be swapped out to create this situation of pleasant surprise as she observes at a parfait for the first time in a look of shyness mixed with excitement. The pastel parfait seems to glow in her hand in contrast to her muted skin suit.

Ever see a blue girl with rosy cheeks? Me either! The level of detail on that 1/8th scale parfait is enough to make the blood rush to my head as well.

Yamato 2199 taught us that love can save the galaxy. Even if we come from different worlds and have different colored skin, our moe points are pretty much the same. Melda is one small step for man, one giant leap for moe-kind!

Yamato Girls Collection - Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Melda Deitz (Pilot Suit Ver.) [Megahouse]
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