News Roundup for December 17

No Cure For Chunibyo

The cast of this KyoAni romantic comedy may have graduated to high school but they still suffer from their junior high delusions of grandeur. The second season Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren hits the airwaves this January and judging from the teaser Mori Summer has dyed her hair black as her embarrassing past! Everyone is too painful to look at, but I can’t turn away… my evil eye commands me to watch!

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Magical Warfare Trailer Revealed 

Speaking of chunibyo, the anime adaptation of the light novel series about a parallel dimension of magic users, Magical Warfare/Mahou Sensou also starts in January. Swords and sorcery… and gun play? With Madhouse at the helm you can expect something out of the ordinary. 

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Pizza-La and Hunter x Hunter Campaign 

Take-out food and anime are always a winning combination. The delivery pizza chain Pizza-La is running a promotion for The Last Mission, the new Hunter x Hunter movie scheduled for a December 27th release. Every 1000 yen ordered gives you a chance at a raffle to win a script signed by voice actors, tickets to a live event with Gon Freecss’ voice actress, a QUO card illustrated with the movie poster, or a secret figure of Gon Freecss. Sorry guys, they don’t airlift orders to deliver outside of Japan!

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