Fairy Tale Figure Vol.07 Kaizoku Girl Kiki 1/6 Complete Figure by Lechery

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This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews.
Lechery continues their line of fairy tale-inspired figures with this sweet pirate lass! We all know that "kaizoku," or pirates are real, but one this pretty could only exist in a bedtime story. Take my hand, we're off the Never Never Land!

Fairy Tale Figure Vol.07 Kaizoku Girl Kiki 1/6 Complete Figure [Lechery]

My eyes are initially drawn to the dark figure base done up to look like a ship deck. The Jolly Roger flying from the mast is tattered around the edges and is definitely handmade. I love the way she's grinding the stiletto heel into the treasure box at her feet!

Notice the way the leather strap of her bag is pushing down the fabric of her blouse. This is the fabled "pai slash" my friends! Do yourself a favor, Google it. But before you do, take a second to appreciate the small details on the metal clasps and hooks.

I don't know which of the Seven Seas Kiki roams, but judging from her breezy outfit it must be one in the tropics. For a girl who gets so much sun, she sure has nice skin. Aside from barrels of sunscreen she comes equipped with a classic flintlock pistol and a cutlass for swashbuckling.

The red sash around her waist provides a punchy contrast to her white top and black skirt. It must be rough doing laundry on the high seas, but Kiki never goes topside without a perfectly coordinated outfit. I'd follow this salty lass to the end of the world!

Her shoulderless blouse gives us a nice look at her back and the tight muscles that run through it, while the wind teases up her skirt for a glimpse of some mighty fine sea legs.

It's always a good idea to bring along oranges on a long voyage to fight scurvy, but it looks like Kiki packed melons instead! The true points of interest from this angle are the gold medallion on her necklace and the skull hairpin. This is as pirate as you can get without a peg-leg and a beard.

What would a good fairy tale on the high seas be without a pirate lass by your side? Set sail for adventure--and cast-off enabled fun--with Kiki!

Fairy Tale Figure Vol.07 Kaizoku Girl Kiki 1/6 Complete Figure [Lechery]
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