Attack on Lawson Continues With No End in Sight


We've been experiencing Attack on Titan withdrawals this season and our female staff has been hit particularly bad. Good thing Lawson's is always at the ready with another promotional campaign to keep us together long enough to see the anime continue eventually. This time including in-store announcements from Levi and Erwin! 

Let's see what goodies our team brought back to base camp. For starters we have these BBQ-flavored beef biscuits. Thanks for sharing, Sasha! What else is there…

Hmmm, Levi tea cookies, Levi grape gummies, a character cup emblazoned with Levi… PuruPi, did you remember to get anything NOT Levi-related?!

Well well, looks like PuruPi pulled through with the special edition of Volume 12 of the manga that includes the “Ilse's Notebook” OVA! This one-shot is based on the serialized sidestory of the same name that ran in Shonen Magazine. It's a flashback that follows Survey Corps member Ilse Langar and the unbelievable events that befell her and the ill-fated 34th expedition beyond the Walls.  

But let's not sign off on a down note! I hope these Christmas-themed postcards help get you in the holiday spirit. I for one am going to end up with a titan-sized waistband if I keep eating like Sasha at all of these end-of-the-year parties...