Cu-Poche - Oreimo: Kuroneko by Kotobukiya


Shizu Mecha here. Hey, what did you guys do with your old middle school notebooks?  You know, the ones where you wrote about how you were a wizard and had an evil eye that could defeat bullies. I left mine at my parents' place in Shizuoka. Every time I remember it I break out into a cold sweat! I gotta get that thing outta there….

Today we are looking at a girl who is haughtier and quirkier than I ever was, and a whole lot more popular too. Behold;

Cu-Poche - Oreno Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Kuroneko [Kotobukiya]

That's right-- Chiba’s very own wannabe Queen of Nightmares chuunibyou darling Kuroneko has finally found her way into the Cu-Poche line! In her standard long-sleeved gothloli dress she may be the most fully clothed figure in the series. In order to keep her from being a jet black moe blob Kotobukiya has employed expert tinting on her hair and dress.

Cu-Pocheizing the already petite Kuroneko makes her all the cuter.

She comes with her trademark smug, tsun-tsun and flustered expressions--everything this textbook tsundere needs to survive! Of course she is cute as a button with all three.

For a small figure the dress and accessories have big detail! Her headband even comes with cat ear parts to switch out with the roses. Just like Kirino she comes carrying her cell phone and bag from the anime.


They did an excellent job concealing the many joints. Even with all the extra frills and ribbons she is just as poseable as the other figures in the Cu-Poche lineup!


Odotte Mita: Kuroneko Dance!

Here’s the best accesory. She comes with her bedroom mirror so you can recreate all the hours of practice put in by Fallen Saint Kuroneko of a Thousand Leaves!!!

Kirino can't stop herself from sneaking a shot!

Put on the cat ears and flustered face to recreate the back over of book seven where she catches Kirino and Kyosuke at the arcade and drops her coins (In episode 5 of the anime she wasn't wearing the cat ears).

Double the adorable trouble by posing her together with the already released Kirino Kousaka. Their expressions contrast perfectly, making for some pretty dramatic scenes!


She may be a bit much at first, but inside the dark gothic exterior lies a heart of gold. Just look at the way she takes care of her sisters, for example. Don't hesitate, add her to your own growing figure family!

Cu-Poche - Oreimo: Kuroneko [Kotobukiya]

(C) Tsukasa Fushimi/ASCII MEDIA WORKS/OIP2