Attack on Japan Cup

In his latest struggle against the Titans, Eren Yeager puts something even more valuable than his life on the line--his pride! He and the other members of the 104th Training Corps have been invited to the 33rd Japan Cup, one of the most prestigious horse races in the country organized by the Japan Racing Association. But they'll face stiff competition from the international stable of Deviant-class titans, such as the England’s female Titan, France’s veteran runner, and, uh, the head-lolling Titan from Italy.

The Attack on Titan and Japan Cup collaboration homepage has gone live and puts you in the saddle. The race itself is cleverly recycled footage and dialogue from the TV show spliced with two mini-games. The first is a mouse-clicking rhythm game and the second has you spin the cursor in a clockwise direction to cut the final corner ahead of the lumbering pack.

Past winners include...

Your input determines the results of the race, so don't screw up or the trainees might find themselves mashed under trampling Titans! Actually, it's worth losing on purpose to see the cute gag that the staff worked in. And if you take first place, you're awarded a limited edition desktop wallpaper! A real win-win situation. Can you lead Eren to mankind's first victory against the Titans?

Official homepage:

(C) Japan Racing Association, Hajime Isayama. Kodansha/"Attack on Titan" Production Committee