Review: Rage of Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia 1/8 Complete Figure by Kotobukiya

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This is Meshi, here to serve up a heaping helping of figure reviews. Social games have really exploded in popularity. Today's figure comes from Rage of Bahamut, one of the originators that set the standards for the slew of games that followed. Without a doubt more than a few readers already know and love Dark Angel Olivia, so let's dig in!

Rage of Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

Let us welcome Dark Angel Olivia as she swoops down upon this world of chaos with outstretched wings and a truly wicked body. Evil thoughts plague my mind when I see the skin peering out from under her translucent breastplate. Surely no mere mortal can resist the call of this dark temptress! The dark crystals protruding from the base bring us deeper into the world of Rage of Bahamut than any man should venture.

As if silently beckoned, we zoom in. Without her horns Olivia stands at 24cm tall, throw them in and we are looking at 29cm of maleficent beauty. One has to wonder if the sculptor didn't sell his soul in return for the skills to craft such minute details! Either way this is the handiwork of a true artisan.

Looking at her divine D cups wrapped in lustrious white and gold, it's not hard to imagine that this was once a creature of heaven. Just once I wish an angel like this would choose to fall into my arms.

The starkly contrasting black and white outfit may be a metaphor for Olivia's dual nature. If so, her red belt must signify her bloodthirst on the battlefield! A diabolic amount of attention went into carving each and every hole in the lace of her top and boots.

Very few live long enough to get a glimpse at a fallen angel's back-- consider yourselves lucky! Her vivacious hair leads our eyes down to absolute territory made in heaven and tested in hell. Likewise her wings are that of an exalted yet irreverent creature of war.

These breasts take the shape of God's teardrops as he weeps for his disgraced child. Purveyors of clever lighting and viewpoints will be rewarded by the use of clear plastic in her breastplate.

Feel the heat given off by her flaming locks and scorching hot glare. My heart is being roasted from inside! That smile on her face must be her thinking of how to eat it *GULP* Not sure whether to repent or rejoice...

You could spend all of your hard earned cash on random attempts to make Olivia yours in game, or pick up this figure with a get rate of 100%. The choice is obvious!

Rage of Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]


*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.