Japan celebrates Pocky & Pretz Day

Today Japan celebrates Pocky and its cousin Pretz, snacks favored by otaku around the world. Confectionery giant Ezaki Glico has designated November 11 (11/11) as Pocky & Pretz Day since their stick-like shape looks like a big numeral 1. Each year they come up with nationwide promotions and events to commemorate.

This year Pocky is once again going for the world record of Brand Name Most Tweeted in 24 Hours. The current record is 1,843,733 tweets, which was set by Pocky on the same day last year.  It’s simple to participate- just compose a tweet that contains the word “ポッキー” (Pocky) and you’re done! Check out the number of tweets per minute counter on the official Japanese website. They say that if it hits about 1,200 tweets per minute then the chances of breaking the record are good!

While Pocky & Pretz Day is certified by the Japan Anniversary Association as a commemorative day, it’s too bad it hasn’t yet been recognized as a national holiday. In other words, it'll be a while before we tun off our alarms and sleep in, then wake up and make ourselves sick on snacks. At least AmiAmi, being the forward thinking company that it is, is kind enough to let us make ourselves sick on them at our desks while we work, though! How are you celebrating Pocky & Pretz Day?