Review: BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Akane Isshiki and Rei Kuroki 1/10 Complete Figure by Wave

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The girls of Vividred Operation take a break from fighting alien forces to strengthen their bond of friendship while having fun in the sun. The latest pair of Beach Queens from WAVE offer up a little something for everyone! 


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The Vividred Operation anime caused quite a stir earlier this year with its colorful characters and no-holds-barred fanservice. 

This time we're taking a looking at the main heroine Akane Isshiki and the mysterious Rei Kuroki.  

BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Akane Isshiki 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

Akane strikes a victory pose in the school swimsuit she wore in Episode 6. Her (comparatively) smallish chest, cute mannerisms, and chubby ankles all contribute to her looking younger than her age.  

Considering how much mayonnaise she eats it's hard to believe she can keep such a slim figure. She's throwing up a peace sign like it was the most natural thing in the world--and really, you'd need that degree of childlike innocence to step outside in a school swimsuit.

Check out the wrinkles and sewing lines in the fabric. A form-fitting bathing suit demands an artisan's touch to get all the details just right, and WAVE pulls through again.

Ah, the infamous "No Push" button. This is an important plot point from Episode 6, honest. Of course, when viewed from this vivid angle all sleek and shiny, a sticker like that is just begging to be pushed, right?

Akane is always cheerful with the combat skills to keep that smile on her face. She's the perfect addition to brighten up your figure shelf!

BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Rei Kuroki 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

Rei's plain black bikini is as stylish as she is but does a lousy job of keeping her covered. Her low-rise bottoms are one thing--I’m more impressed that she can pull off the scarf and bathing suit combination! Truly a one of a kind figure. The pose is also very much in character, gazing nonchalantly in our direction while keeping her guard up.

Going in for the close up, you can see how her long hair cascades down her back in a gorgeous wave. Her voluminous bangs cover parts of her face, allowing for different expressions depending on the viewing angle. And of course, she’s got a lot going on in the back too. Reina offers plenty to appreciate. 

Craning up to a higher angle, your eyes are naturally drawn to the gentle slopes of her lush landscape. Her scarf is placed conspicuously to draw your eyes to her chest--not that we needed to be reminded. I'm hoping that scarfs become the next hot beach accessory! 

Her supple back suggests a toned body while the vivid shape of her rump pulls our eyes into its folds. The fabric is stretched thin to the point that it's practically not even there. You can tell where the sculptor put in the most time and energy!

Putting them side-by-side offers a nice contrast between the matte finish of Rei's bikini and the glossy fabric of Akane's school swimsuit. It's rather appropriate how Beach Queen bases fit together perfectly--prepare to dock! Combine them with the rest of your collection and things will really start to get vivid. 

BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Akane Isshiki 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

BEACH QUEENS - Vividred Operation: Rei Kuroki 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

Maker: WAVE

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