Review: BEACH QUEENS - Haganai NEXT: Kobato Hasegawa and Sena Kashiwazaki NEXT Ver. 1/10 by Wave

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If blood is thicker than water, then how about two girls who look more alike than real sisters? It’s sink or swim with new Haganai Beach Queens of Kobato Hasegawa Sena Kashiwazaki from Wave!


This is Ginpatsuski, reporting for duty. 

I get assigned all the light-haired characters, which are rarer than you’d think! So you can understand that Haganai holds a special place in my heart for starring not one, but two lovely blondes. 

BEACH QUEENS - Haganai NEXT: Kobato Hasegawa NEXT Ver. 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

The protagonist has his hands full with a little sister like this! Kobata Hasegawa inherited her mother’s blonde hair but suffers from a bad case of chuunibyo in the form of her evil eye.

Actually, the heterochromia is just a color contact. That doesn't explain why she keeps it in while swimming, however. She obviously thinks nothing of prancing around in a bikini, striking her trademark pose like its business as usual. 

Kobata claims to be a vampire, which makes you wonder why she needs an inner tube… or why she’s at the beach in a bathing suit in the first place. Gotta love her for being quirky! 

To be fair, Kobata’s not the only vampire these day who sparkles when exposed to direct sunlight, so let’s cut her some slack.

Ah, she’s onto us. It appears that she’s holding the inner tube as to hide her behind…

…but it can’t cover every angle. It turns out that the inflatable is cast-off enabled! 

Since we’re back here we turned on the mood lighting. The shadows give you a better feel for the curve of her bod--which is more like a straight line--but don’t count out her bubble butt!

Depending on the viewing angle, it almost looks like she has a chest. Almost. Though the side view reveals her to be as flat as a board. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

Of course, if you’re looking for a big chest on a loli character you’re getting a bit too greedy. Her collar bone sticks out more than anything else. Does her round tummy still qualify as baby fat?

Bonus: Her belly turns out to be more than meets the eye when you get some shadows on it.

BEACH QUEENS - Haganai NEXT: Sena Kashiwazaki NEXT Ver. 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

With her overpowering proportions, it’s easy to see why the call Sena Kashiwazaki “meat.” It’s unfair to measure her and Kohada using the same metric. Really, the entire female cast is 1000 years too early to compete with this.

A bust that big has a way of peaking around the corner. She’s strutting confidently with her back arched, one hand nonchalantly fixing her crack problem.

Strap on your swimming cap and dive headfirst into this mountain of meat! Her top is tied just too tight for the over-inflated beach balls beneath with the fabric digging into her flesh. 

Sena has every item on your moe checklist covered. Over-the-shoulder boob? Check. Perfect figure? Check. Eeny-weeny bikini bottoms getting cheeky? Double-check!

Pose them separate, or together—even if they’re not really sisters, it's nice to see them spend quality time together, right? 

BEACH QUEENS - Haganai NEXT: Kobato Hasegawa NEXT Ver. 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

BEACH QUEENS - Haganai NEXT: Sena Kashiwazaki NEXT Ver. 1/10 Complete Figure [Wave]

Maker: Wave

(C)2013 Yomi Hirasaka, MEDIA FACTOR, Seisakuiinkai ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 

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