Halloween Photo Contest Results

Votes have been cast and the Halloween photo contest results are in! It was no easy task choosing from over 100 awesome entries. In fact it was such a challenge that we wound up adding new prizes! Winners will be contacted soon, but you can find out who made the final cut here first!

*Names have been omitted to protect privacy. Please email us at blog@amiami.com if you would like your name added to your photo.

Grand Prize

Photo by Chag

The votes were split between these two photos. Both feature Miku, both have frightfully funny concepts and both are solid from a technical standpoint. The only solution was to award each entry 5000 points! Great work guys! 

Plus, we wouldn't want to have Mikudayo visiting us in our sleep...

Scary Category

The lovable Danboard transforms into a horrible monster when put in the wrong context. Parents, warn your children--you don't know who's inside the box!

Funny Category

If you've ever been to a convention then you're familiar with the guy in a cardboard robot costume. While some are pretty darn impressive, others are... Well, at least Tony Stark seems to be a good sport about it! 

Honorable Mentions

Although they didn't take the prize in their categories, the following photos sum up everything great about Halloween so we're awarding 500 Points to each! Way to go, everyone! 

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered! You can view the rest of the photos (in no particular order) in the gallery below. 

Until next time!