Attack on Titan Lays Siege to Sunshine 60

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the Survey Corps from their appointed rounds. And so our intrepid crew heads out amidst threat of typhoon to the Attack on Titan exhibition held on the observation deck of the Sunshine 60 shopping center in Ikebukuro. We devote our hearts to you, dear reader!

Obviously we took the underground passageway into Sunshine 60. Not only is it protected from titan attack, it also got us out of the rain and wind for a few precious moments. 

Although we were safe inside the observatory, there was little to see through the haze. It was like being trapped in a steam cloud from the Colossal Titan. But we were over 200 meters in the air. Surely nothing could reach us at this height…

Unless they climbed up the side of the building! We were fools to leave our 3D Maneuver Gear at home.

Lucky for us there was a spare on display! This 1/1 scale model from Movic isn't slated for production until 2014, but we needed it NOW.

As Eren Yeager would say, "Exterminate them! Every single one of them!" This row of shikishi autograph boards had signatures from the main voice cast along with their famous quotes.

Across from those was a wall of pencil drawings and storyboard panels that illustrated exactly how the show went from the pages of the manga to the television screen. 

There were also professional replicas of the Survey Corps cloak and military jacket. Oh sure, the Military Police might have it nice and cushy in the Inner Wall, but wouldn't you rather be sporting the Wings of Freedom on your back?

These lifesize standees helped put Levi's Napoleon complex into perspective.

On the way out we snagged some giant-sized sausages for the long trek home. The blood-red smoked meat was lined with wrinkles, not unlike the exposed muscles on the Colossal Titan. Best not to think about what's actually in them--it certainly wouldn't stop Sasha!

Despite Mother Nature's best efforts, we all managed to return to the AmiAmi office in one piece! The exhibition runs through November 4th and is a must-see for fans of the series. We just hope you have better luck with the weather than we did.