Review: BEACH QUEENS GJ Club Mao Amatsuka 1/10 Complete Figure by WAVE

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GJ Club's anime adaptation caused quite a stir earlier this year. The outlandish cast of characters and settings pushed the envelope on how silly you can get on a slice of life show. Today we look at GJ Club's tiny but ferocious leader Mao Amatsuka!

BEACH QUEENS GJ Club Mao Amatsuka 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

You may recognize this swimsuit from episode 8 of the anime. The only thing I love more than a girl with long, slender limbs is a girl with long, slender limbs and a gun! Her lanky frame wrapped in ribbons and frills makes her seem much younger than her age. Wearing hallway slippers to the pool doesn't exactly help her look any older.

Let's get a little closer. A Mao figure wouldn't be complete without a fang sticking out. Let's hope she doesn't get bored with this review and start snapping! The sculpt nails her twin tails, which add just the right amount of pep and vigor.

You know you've got a special girl when her armpits have more curves than her chest! From the side we get a better view of that washer board bust, which works amazingly well with her perky behind. 

The simple frilled design on the back leaves just enough to the imagination. Nobody ever said simple was a bad thing, and after seeing this I doubt they ever will!

Taking a look from side to side we see her cheek line just barely peeking out. The swimsuit is brought to life by the slight wrinkle on the right side. This subtle but effective line adds a nice touch of realism to otherwise highly animated pose.

Let's adjust the camera to Kyoya's eye level. From this view it almost looks like she has something going on in the chest! That lucky dog...

Lowering the light raises the details through the roof. The collarbone and belly button are to die for here! everyone, make sure you have this figure on hand for season 2!

BEACH QUEENS GJ Club Mao Amatsuka 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

(C)Shin Araki/Aruya/Shogakkan/GJ Production Committee

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.