Review: T2 Art Girls - Seikai no Lorelei: Iris 1/6 Complete Figure by SkyTube

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This is Ginpatsuki, reporting for duty.

Tony Taka has made a name for himself for both his commercial work with SEGA’s popular Shining series and his independent dojin projects. Personally I’m a fan due to his high frequency of silver-haired heroines!

Today’s figure is based on an original character that really goes deep.

T2 Art Girls - Seikai no Lorelei: Iris 1/6 Complete Figure by SkyTube 

It’s like one of Tony’s illustrations leapt off the page and onto my figure shelf! Sitting on her knees with legs open and both hands running across her voluptuous body, she seems to be intent on inviting you for a dip.

On closer examination, her head is cocked with a sideways glance that gives off an air of innocence and counteracts whatever bad thoughts her outfit may cause. This sea nymph is a mystery waiting to be unraveled--or unwrapped, as I’ll get into later. Note how her cool blue eyes shine vividly against the warm palette of the rest of the design, giving her expression a hidden meaning deeper than the bottom of the ocean. 

At first glance her bunny ears appear to be just for show. But upon closer inspection we see that they’re part of some elaborate mecha setup. Perhaps they act as sonar, or a metal detector while diving? 

Speaking of which, you’d normally expect a diver to be in a full-body wetsuit, but Lorelei gets by with nothing more than a pink bikini. Add in the bunny ear-transmitters and you’re looking at the future of ocean exploration today!

Her diving knife is real-world tech, however. There’s something unexpected and wild seeing a deadly instrument stored next to her bare skin.

Tony mixes up this otherwise cliche pin-up girl pose by sliding one of the hands under her bikini top. This is hardly the focus of the figure, but it teases at what’s under the fabric in ways that others could only hope to emulate. Tony never fails to deliver!

Her wrist pushes on the fabric and allows her right breast to come up for air. This angle leaves little to the imagination but hints at so much right below the surface!

Her breasts slope naturally outward, creating a realistic flow of flesh. Tony puts his attention into these details, including her cocked index finger and the subtle pop of her rib cage.   

The air tank is removable, allowing you a peak at her supple back through the curtain of hair. Sometimes the sexiest curves are the ones normally hidden from view.

Of course, the air tank isn't the only thing that’s cast-off enabled! Her bikini top and bottom are both prone to being swept away by the waves. Just don’t expect any photographs from me--you’ll have to check it our first hand.

We put on the mood lighting for this final photo set. The shadows bring out the finer details of the sculpt, such as her realistic neck muscles and her tight tummy that maintains its feminine softness.

Am I the only one that thinks this lighting makes her hands look even more bewitching than normal?

This hot little diver brings up all sorts of goodies from the deep! She’s an amazing find for fans of Tony’s designs, bikinis, and all things cast-off enabled! 

T2 Art Girls - Seikai no Lorelei: Iris 1/6 Complete Figure [SkyTube]


*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.