Review: Shining Ark - Velvet 1/8 Complete Figure by Alphamax

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This is Meshi, here with another heaping helping of figure reviews.

The Shining series has given us over 20 years of JRPG goodness and now Tony Taka’s beautiful character designs are breathing new life into the franchise. This time we’ll be looking at Velvet Batrass, the kick-ass female pirate and world-renowned profiteer. Let's dig in!

Shining Ark - Velvet 1/8 Complete Figure [Alphamax]

Shiver ‘me timbers! This captivating pose offers up an armful of booty on top of more treasure chests than I can carry. Velvet’s bikini top will have you flying the Jolly Roger in no time. With a barely-there mini skirt setting the course for adventure, it’s a pirate’s life for me!  

The skull and crossbones are a surefire sign of danger on the high seas. Many a brave sailor have been sucked into that enticing crevice, never to return. Her flowing locks are the only thing that can navigate the perilous curves and live to tell the tale.

The view from the other side is no less dangerous. Velvet is intimately familiar with every weapon in her feminine arsenal and her cannons that are ready to fire! Her wraparound skirt is more of a distraction than an actual article of clothing--anything to eke out an edge on the battlefield!

Even from the back we can see that her front mast is unfurled and ready to set sail. Speaking of rigging, one strap from her G-string is peaking around the starboard. It’s details like this that tie my heart into nautical knots!

This is as close as we could get without risking crashing into this curvaceous inlet. Her bum is rotund but firm from a hard life at sea. Note the minute folds in the frills of her stockings--they offer fair warning that you are about to enter the Absolute Territory.

You can also remove her characteristic hat. Sometimes you just have to let those luscious locks run wild in the sea breeze.

Hold Velvet up against the sunset to reveal the secret path along the curve of her chest to her cinched waist. The sculpt has a real sense of volume--you can practically feel the realistic flow of the musculature above her bone structure.  

Velvet brings her cunning brand of sex appeal to the Shining series. She’s the kind of girl who knows how to use her body to get her way, and as a figure collector it’s hard not to give it to her! Think you can deny her Siren’s call? 

Shining Ark - Velvet 1/8 Complete Figure [Alphamax]


*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.