Review: Precious Collection - Maken Ki!: Kodama Himegami 1/8 Complete Figure by Art Spirits

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This is Meshi, here with another heaping helping of figure reviews.

Maken Ki!, Hiromitsu Takeda’s harem fight manga keeps the hits coming! The first anime adaptation took to the airwaves in 2011 and season two is slated to start next January. Don’t let up your guard just yet--today we’re taking a look at Kodama Himegami, spirit summoner and wielder of the powerful Yasakani maken. Let’s dig in!   

Precious Collection - Maken Ki!: Kodama Himegami 1/8 Complete Figure [Art Spirits]

Kodama's looking hot enough to melt more than just ice cream! With mouth agape and finger pressed against her tongue, she’s cranked her coquettish charms up to full force. Her blonde pigtails look ready to bounce with every step and are every bit as perky as the rest of her.

Taking a closer look we can see that the form-fitting maid uniform reveals the curves of her tummy and butt. The wrinkles molded into the taught fabric make her feel that much more real.

The fabric is so tight and sheer that it even gives us a glimpse of her belly button. Kodama is most definitely an innie! I could spend all day following the lace along the hem of her skirt as the frills undulate up and down. 

Kodama takes an unorthodox approach with this dynamic pose. If you don’t got it, flaunt it even harder! She’s doing the most with what little she has. That’s the kind of spunk a heroine needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Looking around the back, her bodice isn't the only thing that’s tied up tight! The floating frills on her hemline offer a world of tantalizing possibilities depending on the viewing angle. The choice is yours!

You can also remove the puffed sleeves. But why stop there?

Let’s just say that you haven’t seen all the frills that this cast-off enabled figure has to offer! 

Blondes with pigtails are a dime a dozen, but Kodama's unique personality takes this trope to the next level. Make room for her on your figure shelf--if you think your other bishojo are up to the competition, that is! 

Precious Collection - Maken Ki!: Kodama Himegami 1/8 Complete Figure [Art Spirits]

(C)2011 Hiromitsu Takeda /Fujimi Shobo/Tenbi Gakuten Mado Kenkei Kiko 

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.