Review: Dangan Ronpa The Animation - Super High School Level Chimi Chara Trading Figure Collection Vol.1 BOX by ALGERNON PRODUCT

---Translated from our Japanese blog---

Dangan Rompa was the surprise hit of the summer. With a second season and an official English release of the PSP game on the way, fans have nothing to despair about.

Unless, of course, you skip over this review. Then you can expect punishment from principal Monokuma! 


Greetings! It’s Shizu Mecha. 

ALGERNON PRODUCT has a super high school level super deformed figure set coming out in December! Say hello to the partial class of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Dangan Ronpa The Animation - Super High School Level Chimi Chara Trading Figure Collection Vol.1 BOX by ALGERNON PRODUCT

Makoto Naegi is our main protagonist with super high school level good luck!

His pointer finger is cocked as if to say “you’re wrong!” as he tears someone’s argument to shreds. Even his fat ahoge gets the Chimi Chara treatment.

Fans of the super high-school level idol Sayaka Maizono will applaud her appearance.

Put Makoto in line of her piercing gaze and it’s like this mysterious girl is reading his mind. She is psychic, after all. 

Give a cheer for Leon Kuwata, the super high school level baseball player and the man behind jersey number four! His sexy goatee beard and accessories make him part of the new chara-kawaii, or cute playboy look that’s currently popular in Japan. 

Aoi Asahina is the super high school level swimmer who never leaves home without her smile! All she needs to hold off despair is a donut in hand and another in reserve. Her cute smile and stunning proportions make her the perfect candidate for a Chimi Chara makeover.

Sakura Oogami stretches the magic of Chibi Chara cuteness to its limit!  The small figure manages to fit in all the war scars and battle-damage on her school uniform. She still looks an ogre. Just, you know, a cute ogre.


It wouldn't be a class trial without super high school level fortune teller Yasuhiro Hagakure, ‘right? His glass crystal ball uses a clear material that tells the future with a 30% success rate and his mess of dreadlocks weighs more than his head itself. 

Here's the super high school level trap, I mean, programmer, Chihiro Fujisaki! If you thought this character was painfully adorable before the Chimi Chara treatment, you better watch out for those blushing cheeks and little chipmunk teeth.

No! Don’t send me to the principal’s office!

The principal of Hope’s Peak Academy is a 50/50 split of cute and crazy. Shrinking him down to Chimi Chara-size makes his swirly eye and jagged smile all the more insane. 

This series comes with ten figures total, so what could be the other two?

We can give you a sneak peek and show that one of them is…


Monokuma-suit Makoto Naegi!

Turns out that Monokuma can be cute if you just take away the lop-sided smile and jagged teeth. 

I don’t know if Makoto is into it, but his ahoge is ready to party, bursting through the top of the suit with excitement.

So what could the last character be? Well, you’ll just have to wait until mid-December to find out!

The figure stands of the seven main characters connect together into a half-moon. You know what that implies? When Vol.2 comes out, the remaining characters will complete the circle to put Monokuma in the middle of a Chimi Chara-style class trial! 

Before we break for recess the self-proclaimed headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy would like to say a few words.

Upupupu, if you bastards let this set pass you by...


Dangan Ronpa The Animation - Super High School Level Chimi Chara Trading Figure Collection Vol.1 BOX


(C)Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd./Kibogamine Gakuen Eizobu

*Photos are of a sample and the actual product may differ.

*Packed according to maker's assortment rate from 10 types (including 1 secret type).