News Roundup For August 28th, 2015

Learn to Fly

Scientists discover anti-gravity particles which naturally leads to a mid-air sporting league where players wear flying sneakers. Can our protagonist win his way to the top with the help of a beautiful transfer student? We'll find out soon enough now that ero-ge Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm/Beyond the Sky, Into the Firmament is receiving an anime adaptation next winter from director Fumitoshi Oizaki (Etotama) and series composer Reiko Yoshida (Girls un panzer) at animation studio Gonzo.

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Fans Sing It High Praise

Utawarerumono was quite the virtual page turner when the visual novel first came out in 2002. The fantasy world based on Ainu mythology follows the adventures of a new emperor struggling to maintain peace and was made into an anime in 2006. Now over a decade later the sequel, Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen is coming for PlayStation 3 this September followed by a two-season anime produced by White Fox in October. With School Days director Keitaro Motonaga on board with the anime, I'm expecting it to pull at my heart strings before tearing them out.

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Mamma Mia!

Normally in a lottery you have winners and losers but this Super Mario Brothers 30th anniversary character goods lotto is nothing but winners! The star and mushroom pillows are just the thing to plop down on during a marathon Mario Maker session. Look for your chance to shine at hobby shops and arcades across Japan from September 26.

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Family Values

My little sister can't be this cute...AND sexy! Kirino continues her waifu domination with this fetching bathing suit and water bottle combination.

Oreimo 2nd Season - Kirino Kousaka MIZUGI Version Noir 1/7 Complete Figure [Orca Toys]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure
Scale: 1/7
Size: Approx. 160mm

A Match Made in Hell

If anyone can make the sentimentality of Shotaro Ishinomori work with the dark violence of Nagai Go it's Jun Kawagoe, director of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier and New Getter Robo. They put him in charge of 009 Vs Devilman, the upcoming three-part OVA that pits the team of heroic cyborgs against anime's most infamous antihero. Find out what they're fighting for when the first chapter opens in Japanese theaters this October.

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Dogs of War

If diamonds are a girl's best friend and dogs are man's best friend then Diamond Dog must be friend to all. Unless you happen to be standing in the way of a mission objective, that is. Then you're just puppy chow. 

Play Arts Kai - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: D-DOG [Square Enix]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Action Figure
Size: Approx. W70 x D240 x H105mm

Preview: Yamato Girls Collection - Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Yuki Mori Iskandar Traditional Dress Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure by MegaHouse

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Yuki Mori has changed somewhat since her original appearance in Space Battleship Yamato but her popularity sure hasn't! With a heart as beautiful as the woman herself it's no wonder she's managed to charm a whole new generation. Today we'll see her in the clothes worn when she was taken by the Gamilas. Let's dig in!

Yamato Girls Collection - Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Yuki Mori Iskandar Traditional Dress Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure [MegaHouse]

If this exquisite sculpt has a bad angle I sure couldn't find it. Don't let the troubled look and torn dress make you think this i just another damsel in distress! 

Incredibly the traditional Iskandar garb fits her blessed body like a glove. In fact, by the look on her face I think it fits a little too well for her comfort!

What's even more incredible is how the jewelry just happened to fit right into this marvelous cleavage! As if we needed a vidual cue to help lead our eyes there...

Sorry, but her bust line was begging for more than the one photo....

The sculpting on the sleeves is so smooth and curvy that they even give Yuki's incredible waist a run for its money.


Things are just as incredible around back! The aura given off by the sheer dress only adds to the allure of this bewitching behind.

A higher angle shows off the subtle wrinkles and folds of the fabric (and the not-so-subtle point where it's getting sucked into her butt cleavage).

All figures change appearance with the room's ambiance but the semi-transparent look of this dress especially benefits from side lighting!

Of course a little back lighting goes a long way too! Along with adding to the mysterious vibe of the figure it really highlights the clear gradated parts used in her hair. As you'll find out for yoursefl Yuki is as fun to light as she is to look at!

(C)2012 宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199 製作委員会
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ. 

Yowamushi Pedal Goods Roundup for August 27th, 2015

Hey hey, AmiAmi Otome here again♪

It'''s almost here! I could only be talking about the Yowamushi Pedal movie coming out on August 28th!

The story was done by Wataru Watanabe so you know we are going to be in for a fun ride (*゚∀゚)=3

Since I can't stop thinking about it I decided to do a Yowamushi Pedal goods roundup for today! Let's get started☆

First up are these SD mascots--small in size, big on impact!

In a word--KAWAII! This roly-poly look is perfect for plushies!

You can put them on a shelf, throw them around, or, my favorite idea, take them out on the town for fun photo sessions♪

Normally they put you on the edge of your seat but the PUTITTO SERIES puts your favorite riders on the edge of your cup☆

They are small (and cute) enough to take anywhere(●´ω`●) Just look at Sakamichi-kun's smile!

The others are adorable but these guys never lose their cool!

Just don't forget that Sakamichi-kun is capable of cool too!

Talk about the body of an athlete! This serious pose could only mean he's about to race! It's a nice change of pace from his usual boyish cuteness, don't you think? 

But it's this shot that really gets my adrenaline going. There's nothing quite like the profile a man in uniform...

Race down Memory Lane with this new figure series!

Excuse me while I wipe away these tears...

OK, I'm better now. Hey, don't judge me! I don't know anyone who kept a dry eye during Midosuji-kun's backstory. Thank you for making this figure happen, Union Creative!!

Pick him up at AmiAmi and get this exclusive cleaner cloth. In a pinch you can also use it as a hanky(´;ω;`)

There's still plenty more great goods to go!☆

New illustrations for neato round cushion--I'm sold♪ Kawaiiiiii(*´艸`*)

......aaaaaand that's all for this week! I hope to see you at the theater! I wonder which character I'll get for the theater present (yes, Japan has those!)♪

*Actual product may differ from photos.