Preview: One Coin Mini Figure Collection Super Dangan Ronpa 2 CHAPTER 02 by Kotobuiya

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AmiAmi Otome, back again with tiny Dangan goodness from Kotobukiya’s One Coin Mini Figure series♪ That's right, today I am previewing Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Chapter 2!

These figures are all based on designs by famed Kotobukiya character goods illustrator Sakurai. Let's see what we have...

Actually, before that let me take a second to point out that if you combine these with the Chapter 1 release you will have all 16 stdents plus Monokuma and Monomi!

OK, now let’s get started!♪

One Coin Mini Figure Collection Super Dangan Ronpa 2 CHAPTER 02 [Kotobuiya]

I'm first, (n*´ω`*n)

So white and pink and pretty! Her outty belly button, ribbon and diaper complete her kawaii accessories♪

Thanks to these lashes her eyes pop almost as much as her 3D parts. Love…love…!

You wouldn't guess from his sad smile but Nagito is the Ultimate Lucky Student. We are lucky too because his beautifully ambiguous gender looks even cuter in SD♪

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu can try all he wants, no amount of brow furrowing is going to hide his babyface and freckles, not to mention his lush lashes! Don't tell him I said that, OK? (; ・`д・´)

Braids, check. Glasses, check. Sailor suit, check. Katana, check. What more do you need to know about Ultimate Swordsman Peko Pekoyama?!

Byakuya's weight gain looks much..... uh, more becoming in the One Coin series!

For such tiny figures they sure have nice glasses. Way to go Kotobukiya!


Ibuki's punk fashion and attitude alone make her the Ultimate (Cute) Musician♪

It's only fitting that the Ultimate Traditional Japanese Dancer would look so good in kimono at any scale!

This figure took the longest to photograph because I couldn't stop raving about how cute Hiyoko's cat barrettes are!

Ultimate Photographer Mahiru's stern expression matches her no-nonsense personality perfectly! The bob and freckles are the icing on the cake♪

Last up is Teruteru. How can the Ultimate Cook serve up such rotten words? Well, at least his desert-like hair is sweet!

Alone they are great, but posed together they are ultimate (●´ω`●)

Let's close with some full group shots...         

Monomi: Helloooooo everyone. Have a nice day!

Everyone: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

See you next time!

One Coin Mini Figure Collection Super Dangan Ronpa 2 CHAPTER 02 [Kotobuiya]

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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.

News Roundup for August 22nd, 2014

Can I Get a Quick Flick

TYPE-MOON wants you to punish your cellphone for fun and profit in their new smartphone game, Heshiore! Keitai-san. Flick the phones that appear on the screen to earn points but avoid touching Neco Arc or you'll lose time. Each level has a boss taken from TYPE-MOON titles including Fate, Tsukihime and The Garden of Sinners. A high score earns you bragging rights on Twitter and a gallery with original illustrations of your favorite characters!

Download for iOS:!ketaisan/id901776235?l=ja&mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D8

Download for Android:

Dub-step to Miku's Beat

Get ready to see the dark side of Hatsune Miku--and I don't mean the inside of her bellybutton, though you do catch a glimpse of that too in the new music video "Carry Me Off." HachiojiP teams up with long-time collaborators, animator WakamuraP and lyricist q*Left, in the second single for his upcoming album, Twinkly World. Look for it to feature 14 new sings from Miku, Luka, Guma and Kanon when it arrives on August 27th.

Official homepage:

You Can Never Have too Much Excess

Want to get your hands on the NZ-999 Neo Zeong but feel put off by the cost? Lucky you, Bandai is releasing a miniature candy toy version that stands a mere 40cm tall. The 9990 yen price tag is a bargain compared to the 40,000 yen for M'Quve's antique pot by Noritake, Japan's premier ceramics maker.

Official homepage:

A Royal Weirdo

Actress Rena Nounen is a slightly maladjusted manga fan in real life so it's only fitting that she play the lead in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Princess Jellyfish. Nounen is Tsukimi Kurashita, a jellyfish-obsessed dork who lives in an all-female flop house with a cast of well-meaning though likewise hopeless otaku. Everything is thrown topsy-turvey when Tsukimi brings home a beautiful crossdresser who may be the only one who can help the girls help themselves. Geek out with the freaks when it hits theaters this December.

Official homepage: 

Form Blazing Sword

I don't care about the period costumes, elaborate sets or endearing characters—just give me mummy men swinging flaming katana and I'll leave the theater happy. Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends picks up where Kyoto Inferno left off to bring the duel to the death between Kenshin and Shishio to the big screen. With any luck the double feature will set foreign anime cons ablaze in the near future.

Official homepage:

All-access Pass

The new Hollywood Tokyo homepage lets you go backstage with the boys of Sounen Hollywood. Currently there's not much to see but check back in the future for footage of their concerts, comments from the cast and more!

Official homepage:

News Roundup for August 21st, 2014

The Right Tool for the Job

Despite the name, Ole Tower isn't a pyramid of champagne glasses filled with delicious chilled milk. It's code for Over Legend Endless Tower, the latest social game from KanColle creators DMM. Assemble a team of waifish girls modeled after power tools and heavy machinery to build a magical tower to the heavens. Along the way you can fight monsters in adventure mode, trap new girls for your workforce and even build a hot spring to house steamy cutscenes. Pre-register now and add Forklift-chan to your starting lineup!

Official homepage: 

Amusement Park Tycoon

Full Metal Panic author Shoji Gatoh is teaming up with director Yasuhiro Takemoto (Lucky Star, Hyouka) and Kyoto Animation for an anime adaptation of his recent light novel, Amagi Brilliant Park. It follows Seiya Kanie, a cocksure high school student who finds himself in charge of a failing amusement park that will be shut down if he can't draw in 100,000 customers in two weeks. With a deadline that tight we can expect non-stop slapstick as he tries to rope his quirky employees into doing their jobs when the show starts this fall.

Official homepage:

The Greatest Prize is Friendship

Share a spoon of the good stuff with Nyanko-sensei with this new line of UFO catcher prizes from Natsume's Book of Friends. There will be three runs of different items from now through September so make sure you have enough change in your pocket and days left on your tourist visa to snag them all!

Official homepage: 

Your Chance to Play Prince Charming

The members of the Sleeping Beauty unit take center stage in the latest round of Idolm@ster Ichiban Kuji prizes. And if Kyun Chara figures aren't your thing you can also win mini-wallscrolls, so watch the convenience stores and hobby shops when they drop at the beginning of September.

Official homepage:

Queen Arthur and the Knights of Justice

With the greatest IPs in JRPG history at their fingertips, Square-Enix defies expectations by granting life to a relatively minor social game, Kakusansei Million Arthur. As the title suggests, this fantasy world is home to one million different versions of King Arthur, and the upcoming live-action drama casts them all as women! See costumes and sets that would make the Takarazuka Review swoon when the 15-minute shorts hit the air on October 3rd.

Official homepage: 

No Free. No Life.

Tower Records is celebrating the Eternal Summer with the boys of Free! In addition to the poster above, TOWERmini shops across Japan will have special announcements from Haruka and Makoto and a fan message board. Look to the AmiAmi blog for more soon!

Free! Official homepage:

Preview: Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE CB-EX Rebecca 1/8 Complete Figure by MegaHouse

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Part of One Piece's huge popularity lies in the emotive faces of its characters. Even the bit players stick with us long after they've exited the story provided they had a good expression or two. Take today's figure for example. Kid Rebecca only appeared in a handful of flashbacks yet remains loved enough to get her own sculpt. Let's dig in!

Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE CB-EX Rebecca 1/8 Complete Figure [MegaHouse]

See what I mean? You can feel the smile across her whole face! The nearly SD proportions also add to the childlike magic of the figure.

You only see this look of glee on kids in candy stores (or otaku in toy shops). Also note that the over-sized hood is surprisingly realistic compared to the otherwise cartoonish sculpt.

With the help of the included interchangeable arms and the adjustable neck you can pose her to your heart's desire.

Putting on her hood makes you feel just as warm and cozy as Rebecca.

OK OK, if these photos don't give you a case of dem feels nothing will. Knowing her tragic past it breaks my heart to see such sublime joy on her cute little face…

This sad face makes for three wildly different expressions that all leave a huge impression on you. You know, I had a great joke for this paragraph but then erased it. Contrary to popular belief even I know how to act appropriate once in a while. If you knew the reason she is crying you wouldn't be able to kid around in good faith either. 

Don't cry, little girl. You don't have to be displayed alone...

Just like in the series, the One-legged Soldier is here to save the day! He is sold separately but hardcore fans can't afford to not display these two together.

Did you just say you aren't going to buy us both?! I kid, I kid. Swap out the soldier's expression to recreate one of the saddest scenes in the story.

I prefer the happier ones like this though. Take a cue from the Soldier--man up and adopt this adorable orphan today!

Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE CB-EX Rebecca 1/8 Complete Figure [MegaHouse]


*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.

News Roundup for August 20th, 2014

Consider Your Wish Granted

Selected Infected WIXOSS raised the stakes for children's card games and now the second season, Selector Spread WIXOSS, looks to up the ante again. Watch the new trailer with headphones on for full effect and I guarantee you'll be hearing voices in your head for the rest of the day.

Official homepage:

Meet the New Crop of Survey Corps Recruits

Kagoshima Jitsugyou High School show off a gymnastics routine that could floor a titan. Skip to the 2:15 mark to see them bring the choreography of "Crimson Bow and Arrow" to life without stunt wires or 3D maneuver gear.

The Ultimate GFE


Girlfriend (Beta) joins Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, Kantai Collection and Cinderella Girls as the latest smartphone game to be green-lit for an anime adaptation. The title boasts over one hundred girls and as many voice actresses, making whittling down the cast as difficult as deciding which to date. Keep your evenings open in October for when the ladies come knocking.

Official homepage: 

The Suspense is Too Much to Bear

Divisive director Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Penguindrum) has been dropping cryptic clues about his next series, Penguinbear, since 2012. Now he's finally updated the homepage with a mysterious countdown. What could all the seemingly unconnected images mean? I'll leave it up to you Internet super sleuths to figure it out. My best is a collaboration with Kumamon.

Official homepage:

Start Training For Inter-high Now

Haikyu!! Tsunage! Itadaki no Keshiki!!, the upcoming 3DS title from Bandai Namco Games, lets you experience the events of the series from the perspective of one of six narrators with branching paths to take the story in a different direction than the anime. Train your team then take them to the court to overwhelm the opposing team with synergistic combinations when the game hits on September 25th.

Official homepage:

Love You to Death

Real-life yandere Seiko Oomori looks to leap out of the screen and stab you with her love knife in the music video for "Kyuru Kyuru." If you want to escape with your life try not to make eye contact but also avoid looking at the questionable items lying around her room. Back away slowly, slowly, until you're out of thrust range, then run like hell! A girl like Oomori won't give chase because she knows you'll be back for more in a week.

Official homepage:

Stop Piracy in the Sea of Information

With the No More Eiga Dorobou (Movie Pirate) characters being two of the most consistently popular costumes at Comike for the last 5+ years you have to wonder what took so long for them to get their own goods. Even the Figurarts only came out this year. Oh well, better late than never--like this news. The campaign just ended last Sunday!

Official homepage:

Samurai Pizza Cats

Forget America's Push for Pizza, Japan's got Puss for Pizza! If only the feline workforce of Pizza Cat were as efficient as the app. The website list the average wait time at 500 hours, and then only if they feel like it come your turn. But hey, the (small) chance to win an original Pizza Cats pet hat more than makes up for the wait and the hairball toppings!

Official homepage: