News Roundup for April 27th, 2015

μ's on Broadway

The girls get lost in the New York subway system, Maki kisses a stranger and Nico is assaulted by an alpaca in the trailer for Love Live! The School Idol Movie. The film opens in Japan on June 13 followed by an international screening and concert tour. Visit the homepage below to see how you can catch μ's in your country! 

Official homepage:

Making Anime Safe For Kids Again

We've been so frantic to find a replacement Studio Ghibli that we forgot the studio that Ghibli cribbed its style from--Nippon Animation! The production house behind World Masterpiece Theater stick to their 70s roots with Sinbad: The Flying princess and the Secret Island, the first part of a trilogy that opens on July 4. Sorry fans of Magi and FOX family comedies--it's based on the adventures of the OTHER Sinbad.

Official homepage:

Balloon Chest

Twitter user and balloon animal artist extraordinaire Isopresso inflates the Hestia trend with this buoyant offering. Check their Twitter and Tumblr for more rubberized recreations.


Ready For Armageddon

Getter tomahawk, Getter rifle, Getter wing--this Shin Getter 1 may be tiny but he packs a big arsenal! And when you're ready to go home and relax, finish the job with a blast of potent Stoner Sunshine.

ES Gokin - Getter Robo Armageddon: Shin Getter 1 [Fewture Models]
Size: Approx. 150mm

Godwin's Law Reigns Supreme

Dies Irae

When the history books wrote about the fall of Nazi Germany they left out the part about the mystics and madmen who performed a ritual to become supernatural demon knights! Now modern Japan is forced to deal with the consequences in the epic fantasy action visual novel, Dies Irae. There's no English translation--boo! But the staff are planning a kickstarter for an anime adaptation--yay! Can't go wrong with Fate/stay night meets Hellsing.

Official homepage:

How Many Grains of CG Sand Fit on a Pinhead?

Preview: P2F - The Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas & Elizabeth Complete Figures by Takara Tomy

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Pop quiz: who knows what P2F stands for? Hey get your mind out of the gutter! It stands for Pose Two Figures (that's Takara Tomy talk for Figure with Two Poses). Add a neck joint to the interchangeable pose parts and you have one heck of a flexible figure. Or in the case of today's preview--two! Let's dig in!

P2F - The Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas Complete Figure [Takara Tomy]

You'd never guess that this aloof adolescence was Wrath personified! 

I mean, between the baggy clothes, loose tie and ahoge I'd believe Sloth, but Wrath? Takara Tomy got the messy NEET look just right.

Things get fancier around back with this stylish bag and scabbard. Just don't be fooled by his relaxed posture--I've learned my lesson about carelessly approaching smiling men with one hand in their pocket one too many times.

Here's the P2 portion of the F. This extra pose holds out the Dragon Handle as if to welcome attacks by saying "I'm unarmed" and Full Counter fools.

What a babe like this is doing working at a joint called the Boar Hat is beyond me. The uniform does seem to have been made made just for her, though.

Elizabeth is filled with far more charm than initially meets the eye (ie that chest). The eye hidden behind her silver bangs, the frills of the uniform and the solitary royal earring, to name but a few.

Peekaboo! Darn--she's too on guard for a panty check.

Lust would be proud of Meliodas' uniform design. If there was a restaurant with servers like this I'd turn into a glutton in no time!

This second pose seems happy-go-lucky at first glance, but if you know her past you know better. The unsettling undertones give the figure almost as much tension as the buttons on her shirt.

Thanks Elizabeth! Time for two shots!

They're great on their own but I'm going to give in to Greed and snatch both--with the AmiAmi exclusive mouse pads, of course!!

(C)鈴木央・講談社/「七つの大罪」製作委員会・MBS (C)TOMY
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ. 

News Roundup for may 22nd ,2015

The Red Jacket Was at the Cleaners

Get the gang back together because here comes the first mainline Lupin III TV series in 30 years! (Apparently The Woman Called Fujiko Mine doesn't count because it cut the humor from the hard-boiled dialogue.) The upcoming caper is set in the Republic of San Mariona, a microstate surrounded by Italy that's home to monks, rugged mountains and aerial cable cars. We'll see how the pieces fall into place when it airs in Italy this May followed by Japan in the fall.

Official homepage:

Horsing Around with the Survey Corps

This entire time I assumed Levi rode a pony but these Ichibankuji figures sure proved me wrong. I wonder if he has to use his 3D-maneuver gear to get into the saddle?

Official homepage:


Speaking of getting into the saddle, this centaur body pillow is designed to be easily mounted. Forget all the haters--ride off into the sunlight and don't look back!

Newly Illustrated Kentaurs-girl L-shaped Life-size Hugging Pillow Cover by Z-Ton (w/Pillow Body) [GPT]
Size: 1200 x 1200mm (thickness with cushion batting: 500mm)
Material: 2-way Tricot
*Set includes hugging pillow cover and a L-shaped pillow body.

Is the Order a Processed Food?

If a double shot of moe isn't enough to make your heart go pyon-pyon, maybe a hot cup of coffee and sugary bread can help raise your pulse. The girls of GochiUsa are coming to convenience store Lawson on May 19 for limited edition character goods and more! Until they release details you'll have to make do with this charming illustration.

Official homepage:

Get Your Pokemon PhD

Professor Oak and his assistants welcome visitors to the world of Pokemon at Tokyo's Miraikan science museum from July 8 to October 12. You'll learn how to determine the contents of any given Pokeball using the scientific method as well as how to observe and classify different types of Pokemon. Oh, who am I kidding, the real reason to go is to see Pikachu looking cute in a lab coat!

Official homepage:

Howdy Partner!

Woody's sorry about all the trouble he caused as a figma. He's grown since then, both figuratively and literally--he's now the same size as his movie counterpart! Go on, pull his string to prove that there's no hard feelings.

Ultimate Woody [Medicom Toy]
Size: Approx. H385mm (up to head)

Preview: Real Action Heroes No. 713 RAH Fate/EXTRA Saber Extra [MEDICOM TOY]

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Saber Extra is as arrogant now as she was in her past life although sometimes she lets a flash of her feminine side slip through. Desirable qualities in a Servant if you ask me! It's interesting to see how her personality is so different than the other Sabers, despite them being the same Saber Class. 

The press embargo's been lifted and I'm happy to introduce the Real Action Heroes version of Saber Extra!

Real Action Heroes No. 713 RAH Fate/EXTRA Saber Extra [MEDICOM TOY]

Performer, I give my sword to thee

She stands a whopping 30cm and cradles her scarlet long sword, Aestus Estus, with a look of dignity and determination. Red Saber's trademark outfit has been recreated perfectly all the way down to the transparent areas. Get a look at her gorgeous legs through her thin gown!

Her back is straight in a firm pose. The zigzag pattern on her sleeves and hems adds to the otherworldly aura that befits a Servant. 

Real Action Heroes No.713 uses MEDICOM TOY's RAH female body to create this dynamic action pose!

It wouldn't be a female body without breasts and this figure certainly delivers! This hybrid delivers the mobility of an action figure with detail of a scale figure for the best of both worlds. 

She also includes three face parts and two hair parts so you can modify her expression and hairstyle to fit any scenario you can imagine. (Please click the images to enlarge.)

But wait, there's more! Her hands swap out to create all sorts of interesting encounters. Where would Red Saber be without her red rose? If you dream it, you can achieve it!

A gorgeous product deserves an equally gorgeous presentation. Luckily whenever our camera crew activates a class skill it comes with this spiffy rose petal animation so this shot was a snap. Now see what you can pull off! 

AmiAmi pre-orders for Real Action Heroes No. 713 RAH Saber Extra open on April 24!

Real Action Heroes No.713 RAH Saber Extra [MEDICOM TOY]

(C) 2010 Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.