News Roundup for October 24th, 2014

Special Delivery

Kiki's Delivery Service

Send something sweeter than candy on Halloween with this Kiki's Delivery Service flower basket. Unfortunately the reservation form is Japanese only and credit card is the only payment option so you may need to work some magic to order.

Official homepage:

First World Problems

Sword Art Online Sinon

Craneking, you 'gotta stop. You're putting out awesome UFO catcher figures faster than I can collect them all. I don't even have time for rhythm games these days. Life in Japan isn't as easy as it seems, dear reader.

Official homepage:

MKR Revival

Magic Knight Rayearth
Magic Knight Rayearth Makona

Travel back to Cephiro (and the mid-90s) with these Magic Knight Rayearth plush UFO catcher prizes. As a tween I wanted to go on adventures with Hikaru but now that I'm old and broke I can appreciate a lazy Sunday morning spent reading with the Fuu-ster. Anime honoriffics have come so far...

Official homepage:

Master of Cardboard Metallurgy

Twitter user DarkKnightArmer has a fully stocked armory to validate his hyper-tough handle name. His latest is Ed's automail arm from Fullmetal Alchemist but you should go through his archives for everything from Mobile Suits to full suits of armor.


Up Your Cadence

Yowamushi Line stamps

Stick your tongue out at the rest of your friends with these Yowamushi Pedal line stickers. Please don't text and drive, but if you insist on endangering the public for the sake of convenience, at least wear a helmet.

Official homepage:

Have a Happy Mikuween in Ikebukuro

Halloween is starting to catch on in Japan. And while people don't trick-or-treat, they do trick-or-Miku! Ikebukuro celebrates the season of the witch with a city-wide scavenger hunt. Get a stamp card at Animate, fill it up by visiting five locations and solve a crossword puzzle to claim your treat! So what are you waiting for? Put on a spooky Vocaloid track like "Tarinai Kabocha" and start searching! 

Orange and aqua compliment each other almost as well as Miku and absolute territory! The gallery on the 9th floor of Animate gives the other Vocaloids a chance to get into the spirit of the season with cute costumes. As much as I love Luka as a goth-loli nekomimi, I 'gotta say that Mikudayo stole the show with her Majodayo witch outfit.

The next stop on the stamp rally is the Alpa department store attached to Sunshine City. You can rush to the stamp kiosks on the 1st and 3rd floors but then you'd miss the decorations and collaboration sweets at Alpha Carmel cafe on the 1st floor. If I eat any more pumpkins I'm going to turn into one myself!

From Sunshine City follow the freeway to your next destination: a Family Mart convenience store decked out in Vocaloid goodies! Knowing that Mikudayo is watching your every move makes this scarier than any haunted house. If you get lost on the way there, the address is 1-30-6 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo

And now the last stop: the Sega arcade across from Sunshine City. Can you make it past the UFO catchers and flashy new games to reach the final stamp kiosk on the 5th floor? If you do, there's one more step to claim your prize.

Go back to the exhibit in Animate and say the secret word. Wait, what's the secret word? You'd know if you filled out the crossword clues from each stamp kiosk, but it's all in Japanese so we'll give you a hint: the answer is the name of the event! Happy hunting. 

Event dates: October 16-October 28th
Official homepage:

BEACH QUEENS - Nourin: Ringo Kinoshita & Minori Nakazawa Set (w/Wakadanna) 1/10 Complete Figure by WAVE

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews.

Grab your overalls and jump on the back of the tractor because today we're going down on the farm! The anime adaptation of the light novel Nourin taught us the importance of hard work, self-sufficient living and co-ed dorms. Let's get our hands dirty!

BEACH QUEENS - Nourin: Minori Nakazawa 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

Lookie at how thick, firm and plump this one is! They call eggplant "the steak of vegetables" for a reason. Minori is quite the juicy slab of beef herself. She's more woman than I--or her bikini--can handle.

Minori's corn-fed body is ripe for the harvest. Leave it to a healthy country girl to keep you warm and well-fed through the winter. Them city slickers are too worried about squeezing into fancy dresses to pack on the pounds where it matters.

From this angle Minori looks ready to take a big 'ol bite of eggplant the same way her bikini bottoms bite into her butt. Make sure to give it a quick rubdown before putting it in your mouth. Cleanliness is next to godliness, 'ya hear?

Have you ever seen a track of land this fertile before? Just imagine what it looks like once it's tilled. Yessir, an angle this bountiful can keep an otaku sated for a whole season.

My 'pappy always said to stretch a tarp over tomatoes to protect them as they ripen. Well I say they're juicy enough as is! Who's in the mood for some fried green tomatoes?

Hope you saved room for dessert because Ringo's bringing something sweet to the table!

BEACH QUEENS - Nourin: Ringo Kinoshita 1/10 Complete Figure [WAVE]

No-Rin Ringo Kinoshita 1/10 complete figure by WAVE

Click the thumbnail for a bigger image. But Ringo will be petite no matter how much you magnify. Doesn't she know that a cucumber takes more calories to digest than it contains? Let Meshi cook you up some grits, 'hon.

Then again, I ain't never turned away a milkmaid for being too skinny. Where Minori has curves that make you hang on for dear life, Ringo has gentle bumps as relaxing as a morning stroll through the field.

I wonder what kind of secrets she keeps locked away in her tiny little chest? Bet she's seen all sorts of things in the big city that a bumpkin like me can't even dream of. Won't stop me from tryin', though.

The ribbon around her back would come loose in a strong wind. Here, let uncle Meshi show you how to tie it nice and tight. Anything to help take my mind of Ringo's namesake apple bottom.

'Course, just one of these gals isn't enough to meet the Surgeon General's recommended daily dose of moe so they're also available as a set!

BEACH QUEENS - Nourin: Ringo Kinoshita & Minori Nakazawa Set (w/Wakadanna) 1/10 Complete Figure [By WAVE]

One look is all it takes to highlight the differences between the two, but the fundamental question remains: is it due to nature or nurture? Perhaps the tammar wallaby mascot, Wakadanna, knows the answer.

Upon taking a closer look, his droopy eyes seem like they're asking,  "What am I doing on a beach?" He's a long way from his native Australia but I'm sure the girls will make sure he gets the love and attention he needs. Now, who's going to look after 'ol Meshi...

BEACH QUEENS - Nourin: Minori Nakazawa and Ringo Kinoshita 1/10 Complete Figure [By WAVE]
(C)2014 白鳥士郎・SBクリエイティブ/のうりんプロジェクト
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.

News Roundup for October 23rd, 2014

Banprestro is Serious About Bishoujo

Idol Master Haruka Amami figure
Puchimas Harukasan

Before you plunk a coin into the UFO catcher look for the mark, the "SQ" mark, that guarantees "special quest super queen surprise quality." Arcades throughout the country are offering top-grade figures of Haruka Amami and Miki Hoshii wearing their movie outfits. And if you want something more huggable, there's even a Puchimas version of Harukasan--assuming you can get the catcher claws around her puni-puni body, that is.

Official homepage:

Master of Puppets

Ononoki Yotsugi may be a living puppet but that doesn't mean that someone is pulling her strings. All four episodes of Tsukimonogatari, the next Monogatari series story arc, will be broadcast on New Year's Eve. I can't wait to watch it in the living room with my whole family!

Official homepage:

Fight For Your Right to Moe

K-On credit card

Credit card makers wised up after a man was arrested for using an Idolmaster card. Viaso offers its K-On!-themed Mastercard in two flavors to leave the burden of choice on the shoulders of consumers. Do you play it safe with the classy instrument design or risk being caught with a snapshop of the girls?

Official homepage:

Cat Scratch Fever

Nekomimi Survivor

Turn your Instagram feed of cat pictures into a nekomimi army in the mobile game Nekomimi Survivor. The in-game camera app converts photos of your feline friends into moe cat girls ready for revenge against the Inugami dog gods. Pat them on the head with the touch screen and send them into battle!

Official homepage:

Does Your Grandma Even Lift?

What if the Cookie Clicker grandma was churning out reps instead of cookies? You'd have the premise for Hyaku Man Sai no Babaa (Billion-year Old Grannie)! Decide grandma's training regiment and help her regain her youth and look as good as she did when she won Miss Universe 999,988 years ago.

Download for iOS:
Download for Android:

Give Your Wrist a Workout

Gamer Gate provided a smokescreen for Trinity Seven to sneak a trio of ero mini-games onto its official homepage. It's time we blow away the fog of deceit! Swipe your mouse back and forth to clear the smoke and get to the truth of the matter.

Official homepage:

Macross 7 Cakes Call us From Across the Galaxy

Patisserie Swallowtail Annex opened a satellite shop on the Macross 7 for a pair of hot-blooded treats that will make your taste buds say, "Yum! Deculture." So sit down, sip on some fresh coffee and refresh your spiritia.

The colors for this raspberry mousse cake are almost as loud as Basara himself. The chocolate tufts at the base represent his pointy hair while the rest of the treat is decorated with his trademark guitar pick, nekketsu flames and shades. (Notice their chocolate frames!) 

The menu calls this the Fire Bomber Parfait but we all know it's supposed to be Basara's custom VF-19 "Fire" Valkyrie. It's propelled by a multi-stage flavor rocket that leaves a vapor trail of whipped cream as it goes from berry sherbet to crunchy brownie to a raspberry mash. There's enough sugar here to get you halfway to the other side of the universe.

Each item comes with your choice of one of five character bromides. They're hand-printed on photo paper for that authentic mid-90s anime club feel. Ah, my old VHS fansubs had the same "Not for sale" disclaimer. As we used to say in the pre-Internet days, keep the tapes circulating! 

Event dates: October 17th-November 4th
Address: 3-1-26 Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Shinjuku Marui Annex 6F
Hours: 11:00-21:00
Official homepage: