Preview: Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE "Sailing Again" Marine Headquarters Admiral Fujitora "Issho" 1/8 Complete Figure by MegaHouse

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Hi there, Shizu Mecha here.

One Piece is all about the colorful cast of characters.

Cool dudes here to save the day!

Lovely ladies!

Cute and comical kids and critters!

And villains with more personality in their fingernail crud than some heroes have in their entire body!

The MegaHouse P.O.P line has brought countless unforgettable characters to life and this time they're throwing a curve ball. Hope you like 'em big and brooding...

...because today we're reporting to Marine Headquarters admiral Fujitora "Issho!"

Sit back and see him bring his own taciturn breed of honor and humility to the P.O.P line-up.

Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE "Sailing Again" Marine Headquarters Admiral Fujitora "Issho" 1/8 Complete Figure [MegaHouse]

Straight out of the Dressrosa Arc alongside Aokiji, Kizaru, Akainu and Ryokugyu, Issho is finally making his P.O.P. Debut!

He's heavier than he looks... which is saying a lot!

P.O.P. has given us some brawny men in the past such as Jinbei and Whitebeard that land on your figure shelf with a satisfying "THUD!" Issho continues the trend. While he may not be as flamboyantly dressed as the others, his calm demeanor bleeds style.

And that expression... so gangster!

The sculptor gave his facial scar, nose, mouth and brow the love and attention they deserve.

When dealing with men of a dignified vintage it's hard to capture the right balance of manga-esque deformation and real-world proportions, but this model pulls it off with aplomb.

Issho is a conservative dresser in the One Piece universe. (Compare him to Doflamingo!) But he still manages to carve out his own style with his trademark wisteria-colored kimono, wooden geta and classy Admiral's jacket. His whole ensemble is painted with lavish shadows to match the detailed sculpt.

His shikomizue cane sword isn't just for show--swap in this alternate part and show off the glint of his blade!

Issho talks softly and carries a big stick. If you see that flash of steel, then the fight's already over! (For the enemy, anyway...)

It's a subtle difference but changing out the parts adds a sense of action and explosive danger to the figure. You 'gotta try it yourself!

"In this world... There are many horrible things that you do not want to see."

"Before counting the enemy...

Shouldn't we first count those who need protecting?"

Despite his position as an Admiral he values human life above all else and treats Luffy's pirate crew with honor. This man still holds many secrets in his massive frame. If your collection is in need of protection, add this heavy to your shelf!

Portrait.Of.Pirates ONE PIECE "Sailing Again" Marine Headquarters Admiral Fujitora "Issho" 1/8 Complete Figure [MegaHouse]
(C) 尾田栄一郎/集英社・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ. 

News Roundup for September 17th, 2014

My Dokes Stay Classy in Kyoto

AmiAmi Blog will not be at this weekend's Kyoto International Manga Festival but Aniplex will be with Madoka and the rest of the girls. Drop by to see them decorating character goods dressed in maiko--traditional female kimono--to touch the history of the city.

Official homepage:

Monokuma Massacare

Ever wonder what happened between the two Danganronpa games? The upcoming spin-off title Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo Danganronpa: Another Episode answers the question with enough dead Monokuma to top a landfill. Take control of Makoto Naegi's sister and knock the stuffing out of those two-tone terrorists when the game hits PS Vita on September 25th. Or should I say, despair as you wait in agony for the English release!

Official homepage:

Challenge Fate

Convenience store Lawsons is joining the 5th Holy Grail War. Submit your receipts for select items purchased from September 23rd to October to enter a lottery to win Fate/stay night merch including clear files, original illustrations and digital photo frames. Kind of confusing, yes, but not as complicated as trying to explain the connections and contradictions of the Nasuverse.

Official homepage:


Cats are considered a sign of good fortune in Japan. Hence the one-paw-raised maneki neko that beckon costumers into shops, or the gold coin on Meowth's forehead. And when the cat is an ultra-powerful yokai such as Nyanko-sensei, you better believe that the luck is super potent. Question is, are you lucky enough to pull one from the UFO catcher in the first place...

Official homepage:

Fat Stacks of Thin Books

The cast of Denkigai no Honya-san graduated from NEETdom to get jobs working at a dojinshi shop and now they're taking the next step towards becoming full-fledged human beings--falling in love! But it won't be easy when your co-workers are as mental as you and the customers are even worse. If you like observing groups of otaku interact and grow together like in Genshiken you'll (probably) love this romantic comedy when it hits in October.

Official homepage:

One Hell of a Tea Party

Who knew that Black Butler's Sebastian was albino? That explains the red eyes. But he must dye his hair all the time to keep the roots from showing. Well, that theory's not canon, anyway--it's just the idea behind these Sebastian and Ciel stuffed rabbits that you can win by tweeting #一番くじ黒執事. If you're in Japan then you can also stop by convenience stores and comic book shops forother items in the Ichiban Kuji campaign, including rubber straps, bookmarks and stickers.

Official homepage:

Lotteria Promotion Puts Sword Art Online to Work

If you think that an MMO boss raid is intense you should try working behind the counter at a fast food joint. You have to space the patties just right so they cook up even, be able to build a hamburger blindfolded and time the fries so they always come up fresh. It's as stressful as hitting your hot keys while keeping an eye on the field and managing cooldown between attacks. 

With the overlapping skill set it makes sense that Lotteria and Sword Art Online would join the same guild. Let's log in to what kind of loot they're offering!

Asuna, aside from being the Fairy Queen, is apparently also the Burger Queen. She's plugging a special combo set with her face plastered all over the packaging for 1000 yen. If you don't trust her taste you can also order the lottery combo for 1200 yen that comes with tickets to exchange for the food items of your choice and a chance to win a wall scroll, tumbler or other character goods. You only have one stomach, so choose wisely! 

I'm a sucker for girls telling me what to do so I went for the Asuna special. Love how she's peeping out from inside the bag! 

 What could be inside the box? I feel as excited as Kirito on his wedding night!

Ta-da! Turns out it was a pork rib sandwich, fries and a "diet" soda. More than enough calories to keep me from going AKF as I farm for rare drops. 

These promotions are the closest thing we'll see to an adult Happy Meal. In addition to the sturdy illustrated box it comes with this swell postcard of Asuna cosplaying as a Lotteria employee. If only there were more girls like here at my burger-flipping gig I might still be there...

The interior is divided into zones with key visuals and key scenes from SAO, ALO and GGO. If you wanted the perfect backdrop to photograph your figure and manga haul for the day, this is it!

Even the bathrooms received an anime makeover. The question is, which do you use if you're rocking an M9000 avatar? The same rule for choosing a server applies here: When in doubt, use whichever is open.

Event dates: August 28th-October 31st
Address: 1-22-1 Minami Ikebukuro, Toyoshima-ku Tokyo
Hours: 7:00-23:30
Official homepage:

News Roundup for September 16th, 2014

Levi, Levi and More Levi

How did Captain Levi overcome his vertical handicap to become humanity's strongest soldier? Find out in the spin-off manga Attack on Titan: No Regrets and the upcoming OVA adaptations to be packaged with Volume 15 and 16 of the manga scheduled for December and next April.

Official homepage:!/page/comics_15

Manga for a Gentleman

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the most stylish show on the air. (Sorry Space Dandy!) I mean, creator Hirohiko Araki's collaborated with Gucci and the Louvre, so there's no shame in not being as chic as Jotaro and his entourage. This new run of Ichiban Kuji prizes stays true to that patent brand of Lucky Land Communications class. You can keep the chibi figures and postcards, just give me the handkerchiefs to fold into the pocket of my suit.

Official homepage:

Marriage Market in a Downturn

Though standards are getting more lax it's still unusual in Japan for couples to live together before marriage... which is how you end up with situation comedies such as I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying. When a plain Jane office worker marries a hardcore otaku misunderstandings and hilarity ensue! See why Japan's birthrate is dropping when the anime premiers in October.

Official homepage:

Dialogue to Die For

Lancer shows up to bully Shiro in the latest Fate/stay night TV teaser. "Sorry kid, you saw me which means you 'gotta die." Too cool! I don't know if I should pee my pants in fear or swoon in admiration.

Official homepage:

Super Natural School Kids

What if your chuni-byo powers were real... but you didn't have any evil organizations to fight? That's the stupendously mundane challenge facing the cast of Inou Battle Within Everyday Life, a light novel that's being adapted into an anime by studio Trigger. And if anyone can take the everyday and make it extraordinary, it's them! Get ready to slog through the daily lives of teens that can manipulate nature, stop time and bend space when the show starts in October.

Official homepage:

Because "Pig" is Too Hateful

Voice actress, proletariat freedom fighter and twin tailer for life Sumire Uesaka takes a break from battling evil to talk about how her hairstyle rules her lifestyle in the latest promo for the TV anime, Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu (I Will Become a Twintail). She plays the lead hero, a high school boy obsessed with pigtails--I mean, twin tails--who transforms into a super sentai girl to protect the world from giant monsters. See that I'm not making this up when the show starts this fall.

Official homepage:

Toss Your Other Timepieces

Never be late for volleyball practice again with these Haikyuu!!-themed wristwatches. Whether you team up with minty-fresh Aoba Josai High School or stay true to the orange and black of Karasuno High School, the results will be a smash. Head over to the Super Groupies homepage for product details.

Official homepage:

Preview: Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure by Aquamarine

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews.

In the Ninja Slayer novels, mild-mannered salary man Kenji Fujikido's family is killed in a ninja turf war and he becomes possessed by the spirit of the legendary ninja Naraku who aids his quest for revenge. The streets of Neo-Saitama will run red with the blood of his enemies!

Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

“Wasshoi!” Hope you like this trademark battle cry because you're going to be hearing it in your dreams once the anime adaptation by TRIGGER hits next year.

The Shachihoko gargoyle at his feet features a subdued color scheme that contrasts with the blood crimson of the avenging warrior standing above. How does Ninja Slayer stay balanced on his tip-toes as he jump kicks into space? Because he's a ninja, duh!

Moving any closer would put me in range of a fatal open palm strike! The things I do for you, dear reader. You can see the killer instincts of Naraku shining through the figure's crazy right eye. His armor and cape are made of blood, hence the sinuous organic form.

Each finger is exploding with pure danger. Watch out for the windup on his right hand--one punch all it takes! Feel the karate energy pulsing from head to toe.

Click on the image to get a nice look at the opposite side. The detailed folds sculpted into his outfit and gauntlets are the thing of madness. His equipment knows more battles than his foes know ways to die, but Ninja Slayer is all too happy happy to enlighten the foolish.

From behind we can feel the pathos of the character, a man seeking revenge for his family's murder. And with totally ripped muscles like that, I feel just as bad for whoever stands in his way. He's equipped for any situation--just check out his utility belt and the precision detail that went into the sculpt.

Swap the head to bring some of Kenji Fujikido's humanity back to Ninja Slayer. His gaze is focused, his will unflinching... it's a bad time to be a ninja, let me tell you.

It wouldn't be Gotham City without gargoyles, right? Well, it wouldn't be Neo Saitama without the metal Shakohoko statues! The rusted paint job and molded rivets make it feel like a solid piece of metal. Note the biomechanical bits of tech inside the mouth--wicked to the max!

Speaking of wicked, Ninja Slayer looks even sweeter bathed in shadow. We took his fight to the death from the dingy streets of Neo-Saitama to our studio with some clever lighting. Add some flickering neons for a retro-future cyberpunk feel!

This impressive sculpt stands 36cm tall, making it the perfect companion for your katana and throwing stars. Bring the forbidden secrets of deadly ninjutsu to your figure shelf--IF YOU DARE!
Ninja Slayer - Vayne of Sokaiya Complete Figure [Aquamarine]

(C)2012 Ninj@ Entertainment
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.