News Roundup for September 2nd, 2014

A Bullseye for Fans of Ecchi Action

ISUCA anime adaptation

Mild-mannered high school student Shinichiro has no defining features whatsoever so it's a good thing he's shacking up with Sakuya, the latest in a long line of demon hunters who fight with enchanted bows. See them battle with the most dangerous monster of all--cheeky sexual situations!--when the anime adaptation of Isuca arrives in 2015.

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Start Turning the Rumor Mill

OK guys, the Persona 5 trailer has hit so let the wild speculation begin! The newspaper headlines on the train mention a tax hike, random acts of violence and a corrupt court system--basically the same things Japan's talking heads mull over on the nightly news. Then the main visual shows school chairs with shackles, so I'm betting that the existential threat this time around is society at large and how it binds us to compliance out of fear. We'll have to wait until next year to know for sure!

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Judge, Jury and Executioner

Organized crime is a cancer on society that high school student Arashi Mikami will cut out before it can spread. Highschool of the Dead author Shouji Sato delivers his trademark trifecta of guns, girls and gore in Triage X. Watch for the anime as soon as Japan loosens its censorship laws to let it on the air.

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Ye Old Social Justice Warrior


Everybody hates war, especially the witch Maria. So when France decides to drag itself through a hundred years of bloodshed, Maria takes it upon herself to stop it with her magic. But wouldn't you know it, God has other plans. He sends down his archangel Michael and declares that should Maria loosen her chastity belt she'll lose her power as well. Can she stay pure in this ecchi action comedy? We'll find out when Production I.G delivers the anime adaptation of Maria the Virgin Witch next January!

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Eggciting News


The AnoHana official site has been hijacked by an egg in a purple musketeer hat to promote an upcoming original film. What is it about? Why did the AnoHana crew unite again? Stay tuned for an eggsplanation

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A Day in the Life with Senpai

Teekyu crams more gags into its two-minute run time than full-length shows so bringing it back for a forth season is the most economically sound choice that the industry has ever made. Maybe they'll even get around to playing a game of tennis this time around!

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Because Turn-based Combat is so Last-gen

Dragon Quest follows Final Fantasy down the path of modernization by streamlining its battle system. Instead of inputting Attack> Enemy, now you just press the "attack" button and you automatically slice your foe to pieces! Developed by the Dynasty Warriors team, the action-RPG Dragon Quest Heroes promises this and more innovations when it takes the world by storm in spring 2015.

Preview: Princess Lover! - Yu Fujikura 1/7 Complete Figure by OrchidSeed

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

Meshi here, ready to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. 4 out of 5 eroge agree: having your own private maid is pretty awesome. Today's figure gives me no reason to believe otherwise. Let's dig in!

Princess Lover! - Yu Fujikura 1/7 Complete Figure [OrchidSeed]

Did somebody call for fan, er, room service? Yu's minimalist maid uniform and excessive body will have you messing up your bed faster than she can make it!

Forget the room service--call me a doctor if my heart beats any faster. How does she manage to keep her skin so soft doing all that housework? I mean, I'm getting calluses just looking at her smooth neck and clavicle.

I don't think this is what they meant by a strong woman being able to support herself... She's going to need a mop to clean up all the spillage from the side of her apron!

Yu's sinuous back is framed by a complex web of ribbons and frills. The texture variations in her outfit may be the only subtle thing about this figure!

Her frazzled expression becomes lighter when viewed from above while her bust looks even heavier! Kudos to the sculptor on the 3D mouth sculpt, a minor detail that takes major skill to get right.

The low angle is my personal fave. What a change of expression! Perhaps she's embarrassed by the gap between her apron and left breast? There’s nothing to be ashamed of Yu, especially with such a sexy back line!

The frills and folds of her apron pop really with a bit of creative lighting! Let's not forget to mention the semi-translucent paint job on her thigh-highs. I've got to find out what brand of detergent she's using to keep everything so white!

If cleanliness is godliness, Yu is simply divine. If you want to see what she looks like on laundry days, you'll have to pick her up for yourself *wink wink*. Just don't expect her to dust your shelf for you!

Princess Lover! - Yu Fujikura 1/7 Complete Figure [OrchidSeed]

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*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.

New Ways to Love Akihabara at the Akiba Daisuki! Festival

Tourists and otaku love Akihabara, but do you know who loves it most? That's right, the people who work and live there! That's why the municipality teamed up with local businesses last weekend to hold Akiba Daisuki!, a summer festival dedicated to everything great about the city.

Meet our mascots: The purple-haired Sotoka Chiyoda works at a maid cafe. Her dad organizes idol events while her grandpa runs an old-school used electronics shop--the three pillars of Akihabara spaced out across as many generations! Then there's Akiha Taitou, a voice-actress in training. Which represents your AKB ideal? 

The Kanda fire department was there with their moe mascot to warm us of all the flammables in our homes. PVC figures weren't mentioned, but dakimakura and wall scrolls should be kept away from open flame. I can't bear to think of my waifu going up in smoke!

The NEET brigade was also there to remind everyone that only a loser has a job. Maybe they should update their mantra to be, "only a loser has a job that they hate." After all, these guys seem pretty happy to show up in costume and mug for the camera with their futon beaters. Wouldn't you? 

Gag t-shirts, train sets for adults, ita-computer casings, your friendly neighborhood JSDF, LED sailor suits, soldering motherboards with maids--the perfect blend of of moe, technology and Internet culture! Maids and the military in the same room? It must be Akihabara!

News Roundup for September 1st, 2014

Don't Touch That Dial

Persona 4 Adachi Ending

The Midnight Channel has one more show scheduled before it goes off the air. The fourth Blu-ray/DVD of Persona 4 the Golden Animation will include the extra episode "Thank You Mr. Accomplice" that revolves around a certain "bumbling" detective. Safeguard yourself from spoilers and stay away from the Wiki until December 10th so you can unravel the alternate ending for yourself!

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Sense of Justice Matched Only by His Sense of Fashion

Shiro is looking snazzy in a new track jacket in the latest commercial for the remake of Fate/stay night. If the staff puts this much effort into animating his zipper, imagine what the fights will look like! Bask in the glory of the Holy Grail War when it airs on October 4th.

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Dress Like the Famicool Kids

Pulse Fighter shirt

Be a real life hacker and glitch your wardrobe with these pixel art tees inspired by the "Pulse Fighter" music video. Pre-order a shirt from the SPINNS homepage to wear your love for 8-bit beats and colorful sprites on your sleeve (and all over your body).

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Set a Course for Sentimentality

The upcoming two-part Gargantia OVA will be set after the TV series and follows Ledo as he once again struggles to adapt to a new life--this time one without his trusted partner, Chamber. But there's no time for gloom and doom! Reema, a cute blonde from Kugel's fleet, has joined the Gargantia to train to be a messenger and I get the feeling that these two lonely hearts will hit it off. After all, what's a mecha show without a three-way relationship?

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Try Not to Get Too Attached

Recap movies tend to be just that--recycled footage from the TV series projected on the big screen. But the Attack on Titan double feature promises new scenes, such as spending more time with the 104th Training Corps. A nasty trick for the plot to get its emotional hooks into us before ripping our hearts out! See how cruel this beautiful world can be in widescreen when the first film hits theaters on November 22nd.

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Genre Film Disasterpiece Theater

How do you jump from an episode about a sharp-shooting assassin to one about giant underground crocodiles without ruining the tone of the series? By doing everything completely ham-fisted, of course! The latest installment of The Next Generation: Patlabor promises to stay consistent with its over-the-top directing and B-movie plot lines when it assaults viewers on October 18th.

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Blast From the Past

Zegapain key visual

Old anime don't die, they just fade away... until they receive a Blu-ray remaster or, at the very least, a new illustration on their long-forgotten official homepage. The mecha title Zegapain aired back in 2006 but still has enough fans to warrant re-runs and the occasional website update. What overlooked mid-2000s anime do you think should be dusted off? My vote goes to Speed Grapher, but then again there's no accounting for taste.

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Preview: ARTFX J - Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen: Nagito Komaeda 1/8 Complete Figure by Kotobukiya

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

ARTFX J - Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen: Nagito Komaeda 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]


Hey there, Shizu Mecha here. Call me the Ultimate Over Achiver. When I started photographing today's figure I just couldn't put the camera down. I've managed to whittle the photos down to about 25 or so, but it wasn't easy! Here he is, the other star of Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Nagito Komaeda!

Take it all in yet? It looks like Nagito just jumped out of the game into our reality with his trademark green jacket fluttering the whole way down. Standing at a mere 210mm he isn't huge, but with detail like this size doesn't matter.

Nagito's suspicious smile would normally make you hesitate to reach out for his hand. But something about this mysterious drifter garners the trust of those around him, a trait that Kotobukiya has managed to convey perfectly.

Having also sculpted Hajime Hinata, figure veteran Tatsuya Hattori is no stranger to the Dangan series and it shows in his attention to detail.

Nagito's open arms give a very different impression than the straight-laced Hajime figure before him.

The mark of a truly great sculpt is showing different aspects of the character's personality with each angle, something this figure does in spades!

Even with his layered get up there are plenty of moe points for the ladies if you know how to look. Start with the tendons in his neck and clavicle and work your way down.

Those who go low enough are rewarded with some tailbone action! No matter which angle I shoot from, there's always something new to see. Kotobukiya's thoroughness is sure to surprise you once you have the figure in hand. It still surprises me!

This figure also features a stylish 3D cube base with the SDR2 logo just behind his leg. The ARTFX J line really doesn't get enough credit for their bases and how the character appears to be floating so naturally!

The wrinkles in his clothing and intricate decals bring Nagito to life, though the real star of these shots is his wallet chain! It looks like the real thing, just a whole lot smaller!


Here's a two shot with the earlier installment in the SDR2 series, Hajime Hinata! I'd give anything to hear this rebuttal showdown.

"Now then, Hajime. Will you battle against me?"

"Allow me to cut through those words!"

They've been sculpted so that no matter how you pose them together the result is always Ultimate! Playing around with the angles will allow you to get just about any expression and situation you can dream up!

Soft and hard, real and fake, open and closed, bold and humble... Nagito is all about these paradoxes and this figure captures them all splendidly! Who can object to such a great sculpt?

ARTFX J - Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen: Nagito Komaeda 1/8 Complete Figure [Kotobukiya]

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