Weekly Illustration: Book Worm?

Message from illustrator Chaa:


Did you guys catch the blood moon earlier this week? It wasn't visible in Japan because the angle wasn't right. (;_;)

This week is a continuation of the autumn theme of "fall reading."
Lilco is is showing her rare girly side with this pose, but she's holding some manga rather matter-of-factly. I totally can't imagine Lilco holding a thick book!!

Weekly Illustration: Rabbit on the Moon

Message from illustrator Chaa:

Just as flower viewing is popular during the spring, in the autumn it's all about moon viewing. This year's harvest moon falls (get it?) on September 27 and both Amico and Lilco are ready for the festivities!

Moon viewing→Rabbits→Bunny Girls... Plus female ninjas.
So I tried combining all these elements together. Who can blame me?
I must say that the results are a bit chaotic though.
I think Lilco's chest may be hurting a bit...