Preview: Nendoroid - Himouto! Umaru-chan: Umaru by Good Smile Company

Today's figure is fierce like a lion but as cute as a lamb. Everyone's new favorite imouto's betrayed her own laziness by making the jump the Nendoroid before her anime even comes out! Read on to find out how the rest of her personality made the transition to 3D!

Nendoroid - Himouto! Umaru-chan: Umaru [Good Smile Company]

"Onii-chan, do another conbini run for me!"

Teddy hoody on head and junk food in hand, Umaru proves that it's possible to be too relaxed in your own home! 

*Production model cola will feature "ou" logo.

There's nothing quite like a late night cola to get your blood sugar going! And what better chaser than potato chips? Or pudding? Or just about any other junk food you can think of--Umaru-chan's got'em! Use this sparkly-eyed expression to show her appreciation of all things unhealthy.

She comes with four face parts in total--regular, smiling, sparkly-eyed and this spoiled brat expression. Of course she wouldn't be complete without this immovable sitting position, making her all set to enjoy indoor life at your place!

Start mentally preparing yourself now, your new imouto drops this August!

(C) 2015 サンカクヘッド/集英社 「干物妹!うまるちゃん」製作委員会
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ. 

News Roundup for July 2nd, 2015

Every Episode is a Hot Spring Episode

Hot spring fairy Hakone-chan descended to earth long ago but she's been asleep the whole time so she still looks like a young girl! Imagine the surprise of our protagonist when he wakes her up and agrees to help her regain her powers. Expect good, clean laughs when director Yuji Yanase (Himegoto) delivers his anime adaptation of gag manga Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan this October.

Official homepage:

Turn the Tide of War

Reenact your favorite battles from The Heroic Legend of Arslan when the Dynasty Warriors crossover game, Arslan Senki x Musou, arrives for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on September 17.

Official homepage:


Professional figure skater Nobunari Oda bets his celebrity career on this commercial for a tie-up between smartphone game Tokyo Casino Project and gambling manga Kaiji. I bet he's got a magnet in that prosthetic nose that lets him manipulate the roulette! (Please be careful with in-app purchases or your debts may force you to play out the events of Kaiji in real life.)

Official homepage:

Who Doesn't Love Surprises?

From the popular browser game Touken Ranbu Online comes a Nendoroid of the sword warrior who loves surprising people, Tsurumaru Kuninaga! He comes with three different expression parts including his standard expression, a combat expression as well as a playful laugh for whenever he successfully surprises someone!

Nendoroid - Touken Ranbu Online: Tsurumaru Kuninaga [Orange Rouge]
Pre-painted Posable Figure
ize: Approx. H100mm (non-scale)
Material: ABS, PVC

Transmute Your Style

These Full Metal Alchemist-inspired sneakers from Super Groupies give you a choice between Edward red or Roy Mustang blue though honestly you can't go wrong with either. The heavy-duty lace hooks and magic symbol brand on the side are just the most obvious examples of the amazing detail you'll find at the webshop below.

Official homepage:

The Golden Years

Yami's loved black ever since she was a kid, although it looks she picked up her fascination with belts later on in life. Ah, she was so innocent back then--she didn't even know what taiyaki tasted like!

To Love-Ru Darkness - Golden Darkness -Childhood Days- 1/6 Complete Figure [WING]
Pre-painted Complete Figure
cale: 1/6
Size: Approx. H200mm
Material: ABS, PVC

Preview: S.H. Figuarts - Rideron "Kamen Rider Black RX" by Bandai

Hey there. Shizu-Dreams-of-Ridoron-Do come True-Mecha here.

That's rightoron, I said Ridoron! Ridoron, as in the first Kamen Rider car ever from the seminal Showa Rider show, Kamen Rider Black RX! And being in the S.H.F. line you know it looks every bit as cool as it did the first time Kotaro took it for a spin.

Of all the vehicles at Black RX's disposable you can't deny that this was the most impressive (even if it's not as cute as the Acrobatter)! If there are any whippersnappers who thought they were reading a review of Tridoron, well then get ready for a crash course in Kamen car history!

S.H. Figuarts - Rideron "Kamen Rider Black RX" [Bandai]

This retro-future brings a tear to my eye! Is it Heisei? Is it Showa? Can't it be both? 

Adults who weren't satisfied with the quality of the models that came out way back when will go just as crazy as me for the smokey glass canopies and saw-blade like center column, not to mention the fact that this one has wheels that roll!

The details keep coming! From the door overhang to the RX logo and antennae this has more going for it than the miniature used in the show (gotta love it)! No wonder this remains my dream car to this very day.

Don't overlook the back view. These rears jets even include spinning propellers for marine travel! This Ridoron makes my heart beat at over 1500 kmh!

In case you were wondering, it's pretty huge at over 30cm long. Check out how it compares to a 500ml bottle for a better idea of the scale. 

In the show Ridoron is equal parts vehicle and Riding Arrow that shoots through enemies. You won't be killing any mutants with it but this S.H.F. version does have doors that open up to a super detailed interior. The antennae are also adjustable so that they don't get caught on the doors as you open them.

In fact there are more details here than I even remember from the show. For starters, I'm ashamed to say that I never knew there was an RX logo on the center console!

With the press of a button the mandibles snap out with a sound that'll take you back to your childhood!

Looking at the undercarriage you can see that the front wheels are connected to the steering column. The attention to the small things is here in abundance, too. This is the closest any of us will ever get to the real deal!

Best friends forever!

Where would Ridoron be without his buddy S.H.F. Kamen Rider BLACK RX*? Have him sticking a leg out or, my favorite, put him inside and make the most out of the smokey glass.

*Sold separately.

How about that underwater cave scene? Yep, you can recreate it with the right light! I know, I know, Kotaro's transformed here, but if you really want to be picky you'll need to buy two Ridoron, one for normal use and one to blow up. (Just kidding!)

Episode 4 featured the birth of Ridoron but also a stellar performance from Acrobatter. Pose him with the tsundere motorcycle for even more fun!

He caught some flack from purists who didn't want a Kamen Driver back in the day, but there were other riders who rode the train or had other people drive for them. What's up with THAT? everyone knows that girls like a guy who can drive, anyhow. 

Whether you pose Ridoron with RX or on it's own as a mini car you won't be let down! 


Yes, it seats two!

(C) 石森プロ・東映
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ. 

News Roundup for July 1st, 2014

The Only Thing More Delicious Than Tears

A-1 Pictures keeps the feels coming with The Anthem of the Heart, the upcoming theatrical anime from the staff of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. Jun Naruse, the film's protagonist, had her words sealed away by a magic fairy so they had to ask Anohana's Menma to provide the voice for this Meiji chocolate commercial. Even bitter chocolate seems sweet compared to the heartache of life.

Official homepage:

Take Back the Night

Game maker Gust (Atelier series) is back with a bishojo action RPG, Yoru no Nai Kuni (The Nightless Land). You control Arnas (voiced by MAO), a half-sylvan fighting to protect her childhood friend, Lyuritis (voiced by Hiromi Igarashi), a saint fated to be sacrificed to the Lord of Night. Prepare for an epic yuri adventure when it releases for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita on August 27.

Official homepage:

Blonde on Blonde

Why let blondes have all the fun? Take playtime into your own hands with all the points of articulation and exchangeable parts these S.H. Figuarts figures have to offer.

S.H. Figuarts - Eli Ayase (Bokura ha Ima no Naka de) "Love Live!" [Bandai]
Size: Approx. H130mm
Material: ABS, PVC

S.H. Figuarts - Super Saiyan Son Goku Chou Senshi Kakusei Ver. "Dragon Ball Z" [Bandai]
Size: Approx. H160mm
Material: ABS, PVC

Holding Out For A Hero

Yuuki Yuuna will be getting a spin-off novel, Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de Aru (Wakaba Nogi is a Hero), to build upon the lore of the franchise. Supposedly it will be a prequel that deals with the first generation of heroes, which makes sense given that the titular protagonist shares her last name with Sonoko. See whay writer Aoi Akashiro (Heroic Legend of Arslan anime) and series illustrator BUNBUN have in store in the August issue of Dengeki G's Magazine.

Official homepage:

Battle Bots

The Kuratus is the world's first rideable robot—but is it the strongest? We'll find out now that USA-based manufacturer Mega Bots has challenged Japan to a clash of the titans. Who will be crowned Gundam fight champion? Will Japan even respond to such a barbaric promotion? If the recent robot wedding was any indication, Japan's tech is better suited for lovers than fighters.

High-strung Tsundere

Yui's written down every shameless thing she's ever seen you do. One more couldn't hurt, right?

To Love-Ru Darkness - Yui Kotegawa 1/7 Complete Figure [Alter]
Pre-painted Complete PVC Figure
Scale: 1/7
Size: Approx. H230mm

Preview: Haganai - Sena Kashiwazaki Blacksmith Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure by ques Q

-----Based on our Japanese blog-----

This is Meshi, here to serve up another heaping helping of figure previews. Today's figure may not have many friends but she's got plenty of fans. Let's dig in!

Haganai - Sena Kashiwazaki Blacksmith Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure [ques Q]

Remember this getup from the in-show game? What am I saying? How could anyone forget it?! Especially after seeing it here in 26 marvelous centimeters of 3D glory.

Sena's got bockers alright but I think she forgot the knickers. The giant hammer must eat up all of her equip load, leaving room for little in the way of armor. Heaven forbid a fat roll!

How do you improve upon perfection? Take a g-string and have it dig deep into the flesh of an already impeccable hourglass figure, that's how! While you are at it go ahead and tint the tips of her shampoo-commercial-quality blonde hair for good measure.

Let's have a look at her butt side. There's gotta be something in the user's manual about keeping your great hammer out of your hair. And blacksmithing in crotchless pants, for that matter. Fashion - 1 Function - 0, just the way I like it.

Pounding.....hammer.... anvil..... boilermaker....something underboob something.... Oh come on! How am I supposed to think with those butt cheeks staring at me from back there!

Talk about getting out of the fire and into the furnace. This high angle could melt even the most tempered steel. It's a good thing her blue eyes and butterfly are there to create a cool, calming presence. 

Let's zoom out and take a look at the hammer. It's polished texture and simplicity are a huge departure from Sena's detailed sculpt. But remember folks, it's a video game weapon. By looking unrealistic it's actually adding to the overall realism of the figure! Go ahead, take a moment to pick up the pieces of your mind before scrolling down.

I'll leave you with this field photo as she prepares for the long and arduous journey from the factory to your bedroom--but only if you add her to your party first!

(C)2011 平坂読・株式会社KADOKAWA メディアファクトリー刊/僕は友達が少ない製作委員会
*Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.