Weekly Illustration: Amico in Wonderland

Message from illustrator Chaa:

My current obsession is watching movies. I've been renting a lot of them.
I do think that getting all 3 volumes of The Lord of the Rings at the same time was a bit too much, though...! (They're all very long)
I really love Gandalf's physical magic.
Lately I've been sick and I'm spending the time in bed. I'm Chaa.

Here's the outfit you'd like any girl to wear at least once... Alice, the eternal girl!
Lilco-san has already worn it once, but as far as I remember Amico-san still hasn't...
If it's just my memory not working, feel free to hit me like you'd hit a broken TV.
Anyway, the light blue apron dress + black ribbon combination has no rivals in terms of cuteness...!

Weekly Illustration: Autumn bubbles

Message from illustrator Chaa:

That Touken Ranbu's Mikazuki Munechika figure that went on preorder the other day is really amazing!
The first time I saw it I just kept staring at it in awe. Needless to say, I already preordered it!
Hello, I'm Chaa.

Following last week's cosmos Amico-san, this week's Autumn theme features Lilco-san!
However, I've already drawn her reading and with glasses, so this time I just had her idle under the gentle Autumn sun.
I like soap bubbles. If someone invented a super-advanced liquid that could create extremely strong soap bubbles I'd definitely want it.

Weekly Illustration: Cosmos

Message from illustrator Chaa:

Today I had Dr Pepper for the first time in ages.
The very first time I drank it, when I was little, I didn't realize that the can had been shaken and I ended up having a Dr Pepper shower.
The one I drank today was nice!
Hello, I'm Chaa.

Cosmos is one of the symbol flowers of Autumn!
In Japanese it's written as "Autumn cherry tree", and indeed its elegant look fits this name.
This is also why this week's Amico-san looks so quiet.
By the way, it's almost time to shift to winter uniforms...!

Weekly Illustration: Trick or treat

Message from illustrator Chaa:

Hello, I'm Chaa!
Alter's Nico figure that went up for pre-orders the other day is sooo cute...!
I love everything about it... I really want it...

At last, tomorrow is Halloween.
When I posted Amico's picture 2 weeks ago some of you predicted that I'd eventually draw Lilco next to her... Well, you were right!
If Amico is a cute witch, then Lilco is a classic sexy witch.

Trick or treat... which one will you choose?

Weekly Illustration: Halloween duo

Message from illustrator Chaa:

Hello, I'm Chaa!
It's getting really cold lately... For some reason when it's cold I feel like eating ice-cream! ((((゜Д゜))))
By the way, one of my illustrations will be published in the illustration book "Eshi x Kashi Hana-hen", on sale on November 11th. Take a look at it if you get the chance!
This week's illustration is also Halloween-themed.
It's Hiiro & Hiro, the two mascot characters of AmiAmi's tokusatsu hero products.
I chose monochrome colors for their outfits and pumpkin-colored tights.
Drawing this picture made me want to go to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion again!