Weekly Illustration: Merry Christmas from AmiAmi

Merry Christmas from AmiAmi

Christmas has come... I'm writing this comment on the 24th, Christmas Eve, after eating some fried chicken that I bought at Seven Eleven. It was pretty nice.
So, this is the last update of the weekly illustration corner.
Many many thanks to all of you for reading so far! I really hope that you enjoyed it.
Starting from next month the illustrations will be updated monthly and will be featured in a different page of the website.
Stay tuned for that!

This week Hiiro & Hiro, and Chooco-san, are joining the group...
With this, all the AmiAmi mascot characters are together!
I wonder what kind of Christmas they will spend (・∀・)
Thank you very much for reading so far, and I hope you will enjoy the future updates too!
I'm looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Weekly Illustration: Christmas 2015 Part.2 Gear and her reindeer

Hello, I'm Chaa.
Here we are with the second installment in our Christmas illustration series featuring all the AmiAmi mascot characters.
Following last week's Amico & Lilco, this time we have our robot girl Gear, mascot of robot toys, and her master.
Her master has almost never appeared in illustrations so far, but this time he did a very good job.
Only a real professional would accept to play this part. Kudos to him.
Gear-tan looks lovely dressed in white. She'd look nice standing this way in the middle of a snowy field.

Weekly Illustration: Christmas 2015 Part.1

Hello, I'm Chaa.

Until now I've been posting illustrations weekly, but from next year it will become monthly.
Personally, I think that thanks to having more time to draw I will (or at least I should) be able to do things that I haven't been able to do so far, so I'm actually looking forward to it.

Well then, starting from this week I'm planning to have all the AmiAmi mascot characters show up in a Christmas fashion!
The first ones are, of course, Amico & Lilco!
I've always wanted them to wear a fluffy white cape...!
Finally my dream comes true! 

Weekly Illustration: Hiro & Hiiro as the crazy six!

As usual, I'm addicted to the social game Granblue Fantasy... I'm Chaa.
Riruru-chan, the new character they added the other day, is so cute that I was tempted to use the gacha until she came out.
But that's not good, because the limited Christmas gacha are going to be out soon...
Granblue has lots of handsome men characters too, but in the end I like cute girls better.
Like always!

Lately a certain cool-voiced six brothers have been causing a stir.
I'm watching the anime too, it's really crazy...! I can't help laughing every week.
That's why this time Hiro & Hiiro are dressed up as the six twins. 

Weekly Illustration: Falling leaves beauty

Hello, I'm Chaa.
Since they were streaming Kingsman online before the release of the DVD, I took the chance to watch it!
The characters are basically your standard English gentlemen. They were just like I imagine them, really cool!
It was an interesting movie. I recommend it!

Autumn's main attraction is falling leaves! Someone might say that we are already in Winter, but it's Autumn. Autumn!
The leaves that were bright green in Summer are now turning red.
You can still see green and yellow leaves mixed among the others, and that makes for an even more fascinating view.
Beautiful women in kimono are the perfect match for this landscape.
If you look at travel magazines you will see that they often have pictures of kimono beauties together with famous sigthing spots for falling leaves.
The introduction was a bit long. This week we have Gear-tan in kimono!