News Roundup for July 28th, 2015

Big Screen Bug Out

The epic battle began man and cockroach over control of Mars is being taken to the big screen. I know we're all antsy to see how the titular two legged freaks will be handled but for now we're stuck with a teaser site and this newly announced cast. If the Terraformars look anywhere near as accurate as the actors this may actually be an adaptation worth checking out.

Official homepage:

Speaking of Mars....

Suffering Kataphraks! Earth's mightiest weapon may not look like much next to a Martian machine but if your modeling skills are up to snuff it'll do wonders for your collection.

Aldnoah.Zero KG-6 Sleipnir Plastic Model [Kotobukiya]
Plastic Model Kit
Size: Approx. H175mm (NON Scale)
Material: PS, PE, ABS
Parts: 201-400

The Boys of Summer

All you need is love (and a lotta luck snagging a ticket) to usher in summer vacation with the boys of Boueibu at their Love! Matsuri! this August 9th. Now if they'd only throw a little more of that love this way and announce season 2 already!

Official homepage:

Small Wonder

Those who couldn't make it to last weekend's Wonder Festival can still take home one of the best parts--Amico original merchandise! Check our store for wall scrolls, keychains, fans and more!

Amico Wonder Festival Summer 2015 Goods Collection

Rock Your Knee-Socks Off

With a Cynthia Rowley fashion tie-up Plasmagica may be one of the most commercially successful Japanese bands in the west right now. And since they don't exist they don't have to worry about selling out--unlike the clothes!

Official homepage:

Wonder Festival Summer 2015: Assorted Figure Makers

We'll wrap up our look at the industry booths at Wonder Festival Summer 2015 with previews from Medicos Entertainment, Art Storm, Prime 1 and many more! 

Art Storm





Takara Tomy A.R.T.S

Medicos Entertaintment

Prime 1

Wonder Festival Summer 2015: AmiAmi & Assorted Figure Makers

Our next look at Wonder Festival Summer 2015 covers a huge assortment of figure makers, including yours truly--AmiAmi!











Griffon Enterprises


News Roundup For July 27th, 2015

Lucifer in the Sky With Diamonds

Planet Gift is abundant in a shining blue gemstone called Giftjiam (seriously) and our protog is just another unassuming boy from an unassuming mining town. It's life as ordinary until his classmates discover an underground lake hidden beneath the ancient ruins. There he encounters a mysterious young girl with blue hair and red eyes who changes his destiny. Look forward to Comet Lucifer, an upcoming original anime from Bandai directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi (Macross Frontier) at studio 8-bit.

Official homepage:

Stay Classy, Anime

The Japan Animator Expo series of shorts continues to push the envelope in this trailer for its third season. This round's lineup includes legendary artists such as Kazuto Nakazawa, Takashi Nakamura and Hiroyuki Okiura. It's OK if these names don't mean anything to you--just watch the clip and you'll understand everything you need to know (except when it starts, which is still TBA).

Official homepage:

Super Robot Rampage

Black Getter comes armed to the teeth but the only weapon it needs are his spiked fists! Of course it you can always swap in the Getter tomohawks, machine guns and other instruments of destruction for different ways to slay.

AA Gokin - Getter Robo Armageddon: Black Getter [Arcadia]
Pre-painted Complete Figure
Size: Approx. 110mm up to head (non-scale)
Material: Diecast, ABS, PVC, POM, other
*Battery for lighting gimmick is sold separately

Jungle Love

Interspecies romance is for the birds, you say? Don't knock it until you try it and now you can try it for free with the smartphone game Gorilla Boyfriend. A business tycoon hires a gorilla as his daughter's bodyguard and while the big ape can protect her from danger, can he protect her heart as well?

Download for iOS:
Downoad for Google Play:

Grand Slam

This high school student made headlines last week for his epic pre-swing ritual and people are already turning him into memes. Twitter user @nobu_llllllllll threw the first pitch with this Monster Hunter-inspired mashup. If only baseball was played with giant swords instead of bats I might tune in.


Oh, God! You Devil Homura

Let Homura take your hand as wings of madness take flight in your heart! This little devil will take you places you've even imagined of--and leave you stranded there. 

1/3 Hybrid Active Figure ""Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie [New]" Devil Homura Complete Doll [Azone]
Complete Doll
Scale: 1/3
Size: Approx. H50cm
Head Part: Soft Vinyl Head, Wig
Body: Obitsu 50cm (S bust)